Advice Air-cooling 7800x3D and 4090 FE in Dan A4-H20 VS NR200P w/AIO


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Oct 11, 2023
Hey all, long story short, I'm moving overseas for the first time, to Japan.

In the process of doing so, I'm selling my beloved first rig, which I built myself, and using the funds to gather parts to either build an airplane-travel friendly SFF here in the US to take with me to my family's home in Korea, and then to Japan; or bringing the parts over to Japan to build there.

My current plan is to bring over a 4090 FE, a 7800x3D, and an ITX motherboard (still debating on which one, since they all seem to have their quirks), and RAM/storage to Japan, then finish building there in a NR200P Max, which would give me the benefit of not having to worry about bringing an AIO water cooler through TSA/airports. It'd be less worrying over thermals as well, which I understand are a concern with SFF builds once you get to 12 liters and under in case size.

One idea I've been toying with in the last few days as well is building in a Lian-Li/Dan A4-H20 with air cooling and bringing that to Korea/Japan so I can both test all of my parts and also not worry about having to haul boxes in carry-on luggage, but I also understand that trying to work out temperatures in this situation would be much more difficult. I also have no experience with air coolers (I've used AIOs my entire PC building career so far).

I know some folks on reddit and elsewhere have not had issues taking AIO water cooled builds through TSA, but I don't trust that to hold up 100 percent, especially since I'll also need to take any build through Korean airport security to Japan if I happen to assemble before I arrive for my language school.

My current parts list is at this PCPartsPicker link (the PSU is the 850W Cooler Master Gold SFX PSU that comes with the NR200P Max, along with its bundled 280mm AIO).

As this would be my first SFF build, I'd like to ask for some advice/feedback on what people recommend more. I can wait if it means the NR200P is the better option, though I admit, having a 4090 FE and 7800x3D laying around for several months would be torture while I fantasize about how much I can do with them. XD

Thank you all very much for taking the time to read, and for any feedback or advice!