Dynamo specifications


Cable Smoosher
Original poster
Sep 20, 2018
I have found a Chinese supplier willing to sell me a single 500w AC/DC supply. But I need the plug size and the output voltage / current. I can't find any technical specifications for the dynamo combo on the sff website.

What is the DC plug size / type of the dynamo 360?

What input voltage / current does the dynamo 360 take?


Innovation through Miniaturization
Feb 1, 2016
The DC plug is 7.4mm but I have concerns about its ability to handle 500W of consistent load without burning up. The Dynamo 360 takes a 6 pin Minifit and I would personally consider using something heavier as a connector. I know that @Josh | NFC has done custom headers for the Eurocom that use a heavier 4 pin connector (the specific part number escapes me).