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Jul 26, 2018
Just started experimenting with water-cooling (finished a g3 build recently), but I'm already itching to try out something new ( I have a problem, I know. lol).

Was just brainstorming, trying to be as small as possible.

With a targeted 9900k + 2080 ti parts (OC'ed - not just stock - ~450W load), I was thinking maybe 2x EK 280mm PE would do (45mm thickness).

Here's my initial layout:

Thought process:
* Sorta wanted to use the 2 large rads to somehow provide some support for the case. Maybe this isn't necessary.
* 280mm, to allow for 140mm fans (4X), for better air displacement per dB. Tune to ~1000 RPM
* Leave decent amount of room for cable management, and more importantly tube-routings
* GPU and Mobo is facing each other, to maximize 90 degree angle fittings. They can overlap from looking straight down (if that makes sense).

If the GPU and CPU can collapse together as I planned, and the fittings can overlap each other's path, it'll fit nicely within the ~150mm of width space to allow for a SFX Psu to be mounted behind the Motherboard.

Still a rough idea, but maybe I'll look to implement it if I get enough feedback. As I say, I'm still new to water-cooling, so theorized spacing could be far from the actual space I'd need to route all the cables/tubings/fittings.

Lastly, I'm a bit concerned if there's enough space for airflow once all the tubings/cabling/fittings are placed. it could possible be TOO congested.

BTW, I think JayzTwoCents has done a similar layout with the Ghost S1 - Pump/block combo, but using 2x 240mm rads. I'm afraid the 2x240mm rads won't give me enough cooling performance if I want to cool upward of 450W during gaming load.

Love to hear any feedbacks.
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