SFF ammo box build


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Jun 26, 2019
Recently I acquired an old 40mm grenade ammo box. Currently I'm using it as a footrest but I'm thinking about adapting it as a case for my current rig. Inner dimensions (L * W * H) are 435 * 135 * 240. It needs some repainting but that's the least of my concerns. Oh, and it's SFF, roughly 19 litres.
My idea is to drill holes in the bottom to put my 240 mm AiO radiator there, 3D print a motherboard wall mount to use on one side (plus ventilation holes below it and, maybe, a fan to cool the m.2 drive. GPU mount on the opposite side, fans facing wall (with drilled ventilation holes). PSU next to the motherboard, exhausting to top, no idea though how to mount it with fan facing outside (found a 3d-printable mount with fan orientated towards inside of the case, I'd prefer the other way round though). 2 or 3 fans on top (probably only slim would fit; drilled ventilation holes again). Plus the power button, case feet and, if I can cut the holes, a Silverstone SG08 front panel (double USB3.0 and audio jacks). The GPU and motherboard IO panels will be inside, I'll cut a hole for cable passthrough, power will go through an internal C13/C14 extension cable.

So, I've got a few questions here - how do I check if everything fits? I wouldn't like to get all the parts required only to realize I can't fit it inside. Are there vertical GPU mounts for a 3-slot card so I can boost the intake with some slim Noctuas?

I'll be putting inside: Asus Z270I with delidded 7700K, EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 and SF600/750 (haven't bought yet). Only m.2 drives.

If you have any insights/advice I'll gladly appriciate it.