My first SFF and custom loop Build - Need your taughts (Raijintek Ophion Evo No Compromise)


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Jun 27, 2019
Hi all,

I wanted to share my first ever Mini ITX build and also it is my first ever custom loop. I took a lot of time planning everything in order to have the most space efficient, the most powerfull build with the best cooling solution for a Mini ITX build. An almost no compromise ultimate gaming SFF build.

The Ophion Evo Raijintek is not the smallest SFF case but it is one of the only one that can support dual rads system with the pump inside the case without modifying the case or building some of the parts outside of it.

The only modification i made is trimming a little bit the space below the GPU/CPU (2 mm trimming in height) in order to fit an ultra slim rad with a fan.

Because you have nearly no space to hide the cables properly and as I dont have custom cables, I used foam cardboard painted in black (the white thing that are using architects to make mock ups) to hide the cables (with a hole to let the PSU fan run properly) around the PSU and I routed all the RGB cables in the GPU side hidden with the same foam cardborads technique.

This build includes :
Case : Raijintek Ophion Evo
CPU : Intel Core i7 9700k + EKWB Waterblock RGB
GPU : RTX 2080 Ti + EKWB Waterblock RGB
RAM : 32 GB Corsair 2666 Mhz RGB
PSU : Corsair SFX 750 W
SSD 1 : 1TB Samsung 970 EVO M.2 NVME
SSD 2 : 1 TB Pionneer M.2 NVME
Top Rad : Alphacool Nexxos 240 (30 mm height)
Bottom Rad : XSPC Ultra Thin 120 (20 mm height)
Top Fans : Corsair ML 120 RGB (25 mm height)
Bottom Fan : Silverstone RGB (15 mm Height)
Fittings : Barrow Fittings
Rigid Tubes : Barrow 12 OD tubes PETG
Pump : Barrow Pump (950L/h)
Reservoir : Barrow Reservoir (60mm height / 50 mm diameter)

I would be really interested to have your taughts concerning my build as I think you'll probably have interesting ideas to share in order to improve my build or to correct me if i did something wrong :)

I wish you all a nice day !

Kind Regards,

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Mar 15, 2022
I was wanting this case so bad but thought I wouldn't be able to fit a custom loop in.(and the lack of pcie gen 4 riser kept me from pulling the trigger).
But looks great! I wish I had gone the way you did now, lol.

Have you thought of 3d printed parts to cover your cables? Could make a design or even holes for more airflow while still hiding cable clutter.