CPU Reviews regarding the Hj 240MM


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Jul 2, 2019
Hi there!

I was planning on making a FormD T1 Watercooled build, already got most of the parts but then I hit some compatibility issues regarding space. My original plan was to just keep my 3080 TUF aircooled, but after careful inspection, I figured out that I don't have space to put my alphacool DC-LT pump+res combo anywhere in my case unless I remove the shroud of my GPU and just watercool it.

I saw multiple double rad builds with the Formd T1 using 2x 240mm rads but whenever I saw the HJ, I saw people complaining about the quality.
What is the actual state of affairs regarding the HJ 240 mm?

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May 21, 2018
I don't have this part, but I have seen 2 major complaints:

1. QC is bad and they leak. You need to leak test this rad before installing it into any system.
2. The water channels are rounded, not squared/flattened. As a result, it's performance isn't as good as one would expect for a cooper radiator. The XSPC TX240 performs far better, but is 3.5mm thicker.

These are used in the Formd T1 since they fit along the side. That 3.5mm makes a difference. If I were you, I would consider using a pump/block combo like the Aquanaut. It might be a simpler solution for you.


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Oct 6, 2018
That style of radiator has always performed significantly worse, add some chinesium grade materials and QC and you've got a good old dumpster fire of a radiator.

As been said, the XSPC TX240 is far better, so unless you really can't spare those 3mm, its the way to go.