Power Supply AC/DC PSU with 600W @ 12V on a ~2x8“ footprint? Help!


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May 12, 2018
Hi all,
I‘m working on the basics of a 12V project - details coming soon- and it needs a LOT of power, around the 550w mark to be precise:
I have a 210x54x40mm volume available for the PSU.

So far I came up with two possible solutions:

1) Two 2x4” Cosel Cosma GMA 300F with a compact load balancer of sorts (I know a forum member is developing one with matching specs, but afaik there is nothing off-the-shelf out there as of yet - correct?)

2) using a MuRata D1U54P-W-650-12-HBxC (thanks @NinoPecorino) and modding it to size - it’s near-ideal with a decent power overhead (it delivers 650w), but 20mm too long; problem is that the pcb appears to be covering the entire length of the footprint so this might be a rather adventurous and possibly unfeasible undertaking - and I will need to deal with a power bus that really wants to talk to a server backplane...

Switching is nice-to-have but optional at this stage, really

Anyone knowing of a (better) way of doing this?

Thanks in advance!


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Jan 27, 2017
Server power supplies have form factors similar to this, once you remove the steel case and fans. They operate over 1KW.

I have a Delta DPS-650QB next to me, and naked it's 2x9" and 650W rated.

There's got to be one an inch shorter.
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Nov 24, 2017
sadly, the only server power supplies that i've seen in the 54x40 format that are under 225mm in length are rated 450w. maybe contact @guryhwa and see if he can help?
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