Stalled xbox 360 Enclosure hp 6200 pro sff emulation


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Jul 22, 2019
Hi guys,

Just new and already took a few notes though some things i would like to ask here separately, but first i will sketch the idea how far I'am and what questions i have. I do want to upload some pictures if necessary though haven't really figured out how to post them since i do not use a lot of forums (sorry).

So my project started 2/3 weeks ago when i got 5 of these: Hp compaq 6200 pro sff with a 2100 or 2120 (not really relevant i suppose)
When doubting what do do with them because throwing away would be a waste imo, after descovering these weren't c2d like my friend said they were, because I origanally got them to harvest the hdd and memory from. I had my dead xbox 360 arcade (the first one) sitting next to me died a year ago (yes the only one that lived longer than 3 months idk why). I decided i would just put the motherboard in there a go from there (didn't know so many people already did this). Though when i did not fit i threw out the iron case took out a dremel and just made everthing inside nice and flat the mobo now fits a put in a close replica of a intel stock cooler in there and everything fitted. I took a agle grinder and took out the oi shield made a nice hole in the plastic side of the xbox and that fits (still need to glue that part together). but know i have to problems/questions since i fitted a slim cd drive in there there isn't much space left for a gpu and i'm unsure what to do with the psu.

I have looked a a sff gpu though this would normally fit (seen some yt videos) the new cooler is a little bit wider and would not make a sff card fit.
(see problem at 2.05) the original cooler is low and the card fits above it. the original cooler is no option because its to higher and doesn't fit.

Now i think a 16x riser cable make fit the job though the card would most likely be to long only have 16 cm and the best card i found was 17: (17cm) it says 18 here?

So i think my only option would be a 1050 from msi, inno3d, evga or zotac though they are a lot more expensive or do you have any other possible solutions?

and my last problem is the psu it's completely proprietary. it has a 6pin power connect (i suppose to substitute the 24 pin for mobo) and a 4 pin (i suppose just regular cpu pin).
Amazon product (psu in question).
now my original plan is to use a 6 pin and 4 pin extension cable for aliexpress though i know they will fit but im not sure if extension cable will have mixed power/signal wires. I mean I am pretty sure its no reagular 6pin pcie though if the connector fits the pinout would matter as long as all the wires are thick enough and power doesn't go through a signal wire (right?) but im not sure the extion use only power wire or also signal wires?
The 4 pin I would most likely not be a problem.
The other wire i cut and use a molex like adapter soldered that one in to use for the other 4 wires on the mobo (in document it says for power and some other signal stuff).

now if this will work i would be able to make the psu detachable which would be the point of the aforementioned ideas though than i came accros this side and started wondering would you be able to use a pico psu + 360 brick to power this motherboard with some strange 6pin connector?

Those would be my 2 options to power this build and the use would be to put besides my tv to use for emulation purposes (like dolphin which should be possible on a i3+1050 as far as i saw).
would you guys be able to give some input on my gpu option/6pin motherboard problems?

thanks for the time to read this far to long post and hopefully you could give me some of your helpful thoughts