Power Supply Cheap 400w PSU danger?

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Nov 18, 2018
Do I just got this thing in the mail. It's a (suposedly) 400w switching PSU from aliexpress, it was only $22. Would this be suitable for a small form factor computer? It's super thin and the cade can be cut to mamke shorter and opened for ventilation (the fan in it is super loud)

I mean, cheao power supplies are suposed to be bad and haveba bad voltage ripple, but I don't plan on overclockin (my cpu is an i5 6500) neither use both my graphics card and processor at full at the same time. What are the dangers here of doing this?


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Nov 5, 2018
Personally I would rather pay premium for PSU (such as the upcoming HDPlex 400w AC-DC). You can rely on extensive testing, standard (gold/bronze..etc) efficiencies, and warranties. Power is not something you generally want to go wrong and short out the rest of your components regardless of overclocking/underclocking.


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Aug 11, 2016
More than just bad ripple, out of spec ripple would be a serious concern. This is an LED power supply so I don't think they have any reason to adhere to the <120mv ripple spec of ATX power supplies. Voltage regulation (how far it drifts from 12v under different loads) is also a concern. The dangers here are mostly putting your own hardware at risk.

My last concern would be protection features like over current and over temperature protection. If something goes wrong is it going to protect itself / your hardware?
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Aug 16, 2017
Hardly believe it will perform as advertised.

Even looking at the top part of your pic I can see how sparse is the components laid, seriously doubt it will even give out 200W.

I've bought 12V 150W led psu which shuts down on 3.8A drawn. Consistently. That's not even a third of its labeled wattage.

You can test it out, but do check if the output voltage is at least right. The ripple, meh, nothing you can check without an oscilloscope. Just hope it won't fry your dc-dc psu.
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