nfc s4 mini

  1. enricko7

    .STEP Mount Plate for HDPlex 400W DC/ATX module 2

    This plate is to be attached to the backplate of the HDPlex 400W DC/ATX unit. It can then be rigidly attached to the inside front panel of the NFC S4M. Use 90 degree countersunk M3 screws in 4mm length for best results. ZIP Folder Contains: - .STEP 203 - .dwg file (for SendCutSend) - Solidworks...
  2. enricko7

    .STEP Mounting Plate for Panel Mount 6-Pin Molex Connector 002

    This part is intended for using the HDPlex 400W AC/DC unit as a power brick for the S4M. A 6-pin Molex Mini-Fit Jr connector installs to this plate on the rear rectangular cutout. The 6-pin DC output of the HDPlex 400W AC/DC unit then plugs into the panel mount connector, which is connected to...
  3. Teebs

    What's going on with this S4 mini skin ft. thin blue line flag :(

    I was dissapointed to see this on NFC website, and was wondering if @Josh | NFC is cognizant of this design being on the promo reel, and its implications as an anti-Black, nationalist political symbol.
  4. juldupp

    dupp's sff pc| watercooled | 8700k @5.2 | 1080ti mini

    8700k 5.2ghz 0 avx 16gb g-skill trident 4000mhz Zotac 1080ti mini (arcticstorm bios) Latest photos******/wMREGZBpWCX7HAn57
  5. juldupp

    Selling closed

  6. SoulTrain

    HDPLEX 400W AC-DC Brick Conversion Case Exist?

    I am another happy owner of Skyreach 4 MINI. Currently it has a 1060 in it and I want to keep room for a 2070/2080 or something similar to that size in the future. I think many of us are salivating over the new HDPlex 400W AC-DC converter. I would love to ditch my Dell Brick which I think...
  7. nik0v

    Closed NFC S4 Mini (PayPal/International Shipping)

    Dear Seller, I will be happy to buy NFC S4 mini and if you are also sell HDPLEX 400W HiFi DC-ATX - i will be buy it too. I'm living in Moscow, Russia and I could not find a way to buy S4 mini here. I take all transportation costs for myself. Payment via PayPal Thank you!
  8. J

    S4Mini classic - black screen - advice sought

    Hi community, Problem: All components turn on but no video output when using with riser. Works fine without riser. (GPU plug direct into motherboard) Riser works fine when used on a seperate build (Matt, gtx970, desktop psu) Components assembled for my S4 mini build: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 (65w)...
  9. S

    Power Supply PSU options for nfc skyreach mini with no external brick

    I am looking to do an SFC 4 Skyreach mini build without an external power brick. I plan to transfer all the guts of my existing mini ITX build (LIAN LI PC-TU200B []) to the Mini, but I need a new PSU first. Ideally I would use the...
  10. C

    gtx 1080 mini

    can i use the zotac gtx 1080 mini and i7 8700 with an hdplex 400w and dell 330w brick?
  11. Nanook

    Modding Quadro P4000 to fit in S4M

    I’m hoping to convert the P4000, a single slot, blower fan cooler, 241mm card, into a dual slot, dual fan open-air cooled, that is 215mm card. My idea is to remove the blower fan that extends the length of the graphics card. Add a super thin heatsink to the gpu die, and two A9x14 fans. The goal...
  12. Halfdan

    Closed [EU] NFC S4 mini C or Skyreach

    If anyone in Europe is interested in selling their S4 mini (classic or skyreach) please let me know. Buying via SFFlab is just too expensive for me with added shipping and import fees, so I'm looking for a more reasonable price. I'll consider offers outside EU but with import and shipping it...
  13. Selendipitous

    Projekt: Xephyr Driftr (Brickless S4M)

    ╭─━━━━━━━━━━━━─╮ ╭ ◦ ¤ ◦ ◦ ╮ XEPHYR DRIFTR West Wind Drifter ╰ ◦ ◦ ¤ ◦ ╯ ╰─━━━━━━━━━━━━─╯ TL;DR: Newbie to PC-building, fell in love with S4M. My budget weeps but my heart has hardened. Halp ╭ ¤ ◦ ╮ P C • P A R T • P I C K E R • L I S T ╰ ◦ ¤ ╯ I've been looking into build videos...
  14. Josh | NFC

    .SKP SKYREACH 4 MINI 2017-11-20

    While not 100% reflective of the final production design, this model is accurate enough to understand how the S4M is designed, put together, and to plan your mods around. Please understand the S4M and this file is my intellectual property. Several key features are protected by my U.S. patents...
  15. N

    Need help correcting tuning issues please

    I need some help walking through some system tuning...I've done a decent amount of googling and youtubing, But theres only so much JayzTwoCents to watch I'm building inside an NFC Systems S4 mini My config is as fallows Asus ROG z270I I7 7700k Noctua NH-L9I Kingston HyperX Savage black memory...
  16. Choidebu

    Power Supply Calculating Power consumption and PSU needed

    hi all, So I'm planning a build: Ryzen R5-1600 (65W) Asrock ab350-itx (incl. intel wifi+bt module) Noctua n9li Rx550 (50W) Nvme ssd 1x8gb ram stick Possibly 1 or 2 sata ssd. I've tried which said 171W total so it recommends 220+W psu (I think...
  17. jktaurus8

    Enclosure Top 5 best Mini ITX Case in 2017

    I have found the five best cases in 2017, so I decided to share it with you. These are the top 5 Mini ITX cases that I found on the internet, and I’m using the Streacom F1C Evo case because I love the console-sized computers. I am also planning to buy the other case called NFC S4 Mini but the...
  18. N

    Undervolt 7700k

    brand spankin new to SSF soi apologize if I'm in the wrong thread I just completed ( for the most part ) my mini itx build inside an NFC systems s4 mini...I'm absolutely in love with it but I need some guidance for undervoltage...I put a 7700k in it ( knowing I might see a problem with temps )...
  19. E

    Buying NFC S4 Mini

    Hi SFF Forum, Thought I'd try my luck. I'm an amateur looking to build my first pc. Just recently discovered the S4 mini and can't wait til' the next preorder in September.
  20. S

    Help? POST Problems...

    So first, all the components of the current build: Intel i7-7700 (cooled by Noctua NH-L9i) Asus Strix Z270i Gaming Mini ITX G.Skill Trident RGB DDR4 3200 8GB (x2) Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Mini Samsung M.2-2280 SSD 120GB The motherboard is plugged into a Corsair 1200 HXi (from my full tower, this...