Need help correcting tuning issues please


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Jul 21, 2017
I need some help walking through some system tuning...I've done a decent amount of googling and youtubing, But theres only so much JayzTwoCents to watch

I'm building inside an NFC Systems S4 mini
My config is as fallows

Asus ROG z270I
I7 7700k
Noctua NH-L9I
Kingston HyperX Savage black memory (16GB)
Zotac GTX 1080 Mini
Samsung 960 pro m.2
x2 Samsung 850 evo 500GB
HDPLEX 400W paired with dell power brick as recommended (if you know about the S4 mini, you should be familiar with this power brick)

There has been much trial and error (the least of which was not Noctua accidentally sending me a cooler with ONE un threaded screw) But with patience and research i've corrected most errors. My only two problems anymore are voltage and thermals. I'm aware i have a 7700k which is a high watt, high heat CPU. The NH-L9I does a marvelous job combating the thermals on that thing though...
Initially, i had purchased the HDPLEX 330W PSU which ended up with the worst coil wine i have ever heard in my life after installing the 1080. Luckily though, the HDPLEX 400W had just recently been released, and i had been looking for a reason to buy that sexy thing. This 400W PSU is built (according to my emails with Larry, the creator) to protect against coil wine specifically with the 1080. I do still however get SOME coil wine during certain game play...
I looked up how to "under-volt" my CPU, and through some trial and error i got it pretty well under-volted. That was when the 330W Started wining. Josh, (S4 creator) suggested having under-volted the CPU could have caused some sort of voltage imbalance between components which may have caused the wine.
And lastly, occasionally the PC will shut off, as if the power went out. No warning. This is corrected by unplugging the brick, and plugging it back in. This happens (that i've noticed) exclusively during game play. So i'm sure certain games are spiking well over the bricks limit and resetting it. This problem i hope will be corrected once i can get everything evenly tuned down and pulled back.

I've got the 400W in there, and everything is running at stock Voltage. Slight coil wine during GPU/CPU intensive game play.
CPU has gotten as hot as 88 degrees Celsius. (At which point, all my temperature monitors turn red and i become paranoid that i'm killing my CPU despite knowing the kaby lake chips DO tend to run hot) and the brick, although FAR less frequently, still does reset once every 3-6 weeks

So i would greatly appreciate some guidance or walkthrough on evenly tuning the system back/down enough to keep the it a little cooler, and voltages down so the brick isn't peaking and shutting down.

Thank you for any input!


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May 17, 2016
While I would prefer myself to use the BIOS / UEFI to adjust voltages and clocks, it seems that it is also doable with the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) to underclock / undervolt your CPU:
As mentioned in this video, you should stress test your system with OCCT to check if it is still stable or not with its new voltage or clock speed.

Hopefully doing so will not get you more coil whine with the DHPlex 400W as it did with the 330W.

Delidding the CPU will also probably shave off a good 10°C on the CPU temps.

Then you can also try to undervolt your GPU as well.
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