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.SKP SKYREACH 4 MINI 2017-11-20

Reasonably hi-def Sketchup model of the S4M for modders

  1. Josh | NFC

    While not 100% reflective of the final production design, this model is accurate enough to understand how the S4M is designed, put together, and to plan your mods around.

    Please understand the S4M and this file is my intellectual property. Several key features are protected by my U.S. patents and many more are patent pending.

    You are welcome to use it to learn, plan, mod, and even build your own. You may absolutely not use my IP to build for others or profit from it in any way. THANK YOU for letting me trust this with the community!


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Recent Reviews

  1. d_sff
    Version: 2017-11-20
    thanks for the 3d model. it's really useful. the other ssf project should do the same