Cisco LAN UPGRADED- i5-7600k, 8GB DDR4, PicoPsu


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Nov 14, 2017
Some have you may have seen my 3.5L HTPC One- The case I got inspiration from had belonged to my brother, who is interested in Industrial Automation. I managed to trade a 32GB flashdrive for it. Upon closer inspection, I found it was a Cisco Wireless Lan Solution Ee 2.13. I gutted it, as seen at the end of this post.

I have a GA-H270N-WIFI motherboard, a i5-7600k, and 8GB of ram. I plan to repaint it, and I plan to install the following:

Anti-vandal LED Switch Prewired (16mm, Black Housing, Red LED) by Oznium

12A/144W AC to DC Switching Power Supply 110-240vAC to 12vDC PicoPSU Compatible by Mini-Box

Mini Box PicoPSU-150-XT 12V DC-DC ATX power supply by Mini-Box

SoundOriginal Computer Case LED Light ATX Power Supply Reset HDD Switch Cable 68cm 26.77inch

Cooler Master Sleeve Bearing 80mm Silent Fan for Computer Cases and CPU Coolers by Cooler Master

Silicon Power 120GB M55 M.2 2280 SSD With R/W Up To 550MB/s (SLC Cache for Speed Boost) SATA III Internal Solid State Drive for Ultrabooks and Tablets (SP120GBSS3M55M28) by Silicon Power

Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Compound - Retail by noctua

I will cut a new acrylic front to hide the ODD and other buttons, install the vandal switch and the (hopefully) less noisy CM fan to replace the current one. The brick will PROBABLY be internal. Then i'll sandblast the Chassis and paint it rustoleum dark steel, and sleeve those UGLY pico psu cables. Should I save money and use this instead?

More updates to come.


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By Toutatis!
Apr 4, 2016
Yep nice mod. Do you remove the original front panel before you stick the new one?


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Mar 4, 2018
Wow, that is very nice looking. I also really like the clean, IO-less front. While on the topic - I've seen that you're planning on adding front I/O to the HTPC ONE. Have you considered a front IO-less version?