1. H

    Closed Dr Zaber Sentry (black) - Long Run - SOLD

    I decided I can't wait for the case to arrive anymore as they are currently shipping the 1st batch of cases. I got a good deal on Alienware 15 R2 and I went for it, so I won't be needing the case any more. I talked to the guys at Dr Zaber and they told me a refund is not possible at this stage...
  2. DarekLogic

    Prototype New MC850 SFF case/system from Logic Supply - feedback welcome

    Hi all, I wanted to share an early look at one of Logic Supply's latest developments and perhaps get your feedback. Quick background for those who aren't familiar with us, Logic Supply ( is an industrial PC manufacturer specializing in small form factor system development...
  3. DntMesssWitRohan

    SFF PC Case List - Need Suggestions & Feedback

    Hello SFF enthusiasts, I've been working on a case list that started out as a mini-ITX list that would fit under my local airlines' carry-on regulations and since then has been expanded with the help of the folks over at r/sffpc. I would like to make the list as comprehensive as possible and...
  4. B

    World's smallest mini-ITX gaming PC - 1,99L (Is it possible?)

    Hello guys! This is my first post on the forum. I'm an SFF lover, and have been following the forum for over an year. I decided making an account now and posting this thread because I think I might have had a cool idea (if it is possible to build, of course). So, basically, is making the...
  5. Cohesive Reality

    TechPowerUp First mini-ITX X370 AM4 Motherboard Let the races begin! Although no dual M.2 :(
  6. CubanLegend

    Log NFC S4 Mini Classic #193 "Ant-Man" (7700k/1080mini) *7/11/2020 BRICKLESS 4.2L*

    So I got my S4 Mini yesterday. It's #193! Code-named "Antman" by @Josh | NFC Early pic of the build sent to me by Josh, click it to see Josh's imgur of my S4-mini/1080mini: ----------------- PCPartPicker part list & Price Breakdown: ----------------- --------------------------------------...
  7. HgArg

    Mini-ITX and GTX 1080 case concept design

    Hi SFF community! I made a concept of a cube design case, this is the main idea: Approximate dimensions: 210x210x350 mm. It allows to use standard parts, Mini-ITX motherboard + GPU up to 270 mm + normal PSU (150x140x86 mm): (No GeForece GTX 1080 Founders Edition is shown in the picture)...
  8. BobyMadrox

    Choice of mini-PSU for compact system

    Hi ! I plan to build a small factor system using the S4 Mini case but sadly I have not enough technical knowledge to make the right choice for the PSU, if you could help me on this matter I would greatly appreciate it ! My ideal system will look something like this : 65W CPU possibly...
  9. A

    Prototype mini-itx Watercooling case - Overdose

    Hello to SFF maniacs, I would like present our year long project which slowly comes to the end........ As mini-itx and watercooling maniacs we coud not find the case with right watercooling support so we have started our own journey. For the holy grail of mini-itx plus extensive watercooling...
  10. XCOM-SFF

    Enclosure Mini-ITX Build Advice - Lian Li PC05S

    Hello Everyone. I'm looking for advice regarding my new build, I would have started this back in December however I have held of for the the latest generation of Nvidia Graphics Cards. So with the release of the GTX 1080 I am ready to begin ordering parts for my build. The main issue I seem...
  11. TheInternal

    Starting my first SFF in over 8 years.

    Howdy all. I just discovered this forum, so I figured I'd post where I am in my current research. I already have a i7-6700k I got a great deal on, as well as a Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB M.2 NVMe SSD on the way. I'd like to build a small system that looks more like a console or piece of A/V...
  12. C4B12


    Hello! I have started a new project on the side of my other build, CURV3D. The idea to this build started when I was planning another future build. This other build I want to make in the future are also a scratchbuild and a bit complicated, so I wanted to get more experience on working with...
  13. Tek Everything

    News Logic Supply MC600 Case Review

    "Quite a few major manufacturers are now developing new mITX cases, which is great news, in and of itself – but a lot of these cases seem to be ignoring the “small” in small form factor. For example, the Fractal Design Node 202 and Silverstone RVZ02 do a good job of cutting some lbs. compared to...
  14. C4B12


    Ohoi! Well where should I start, my name is Johan Nyman and I am a modder and SFF-enthusiast from Sweden. I have been building my own PC-cases from scratch for 6-7 years. I started a small side-project in 2011 which grew and grew to a much bigger project, I called it CURV3D. It was "finished"...
  15. C4B12

    Project C.ACE

    Hello, My name is Johan Nyman, I am a modder from Sweden who loves everything related to small form factor. Recently I finished a completely custom. scratchbuilt case for Corsair that they showed at CES 2016. The case is made out of 2mm aluminium, CNC-milled by a good friend of mine...
  16. |||

    News Maingear Crams Mini-ITX, Full-size GPU into 34" AIO PC

  17. jeshikat

    .SKP BitFenix Prodigy 1.1

    SketchUp model of the original version of the BitFenix Prodigy. Includes a windowed side panel. This was modeled from measurements but not super accurately, only to within 1mm or so. Handles/feet originally by Steini Freyr.