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  1. sergiiua

    Production cases for Low profile video cards by Custom_MOD

    Lately, I've been increasingly asked to make cases for Low-profile video cards. It seems like a good idea to create a thread here and show them to you. I'll start with the model I'm making for mass production. It seems my old model SLM1 is no longer popular. This is understandable, because now...
  2. M

    Log First build my Mini ITX with ZS-A4S V3

    Hi ? Last year, I posted a build with ZS-Case In general, the quality of the case is very good.In the second build, I used the ZS-A4DC V2 before, I've also built it with the ZS-A4DC V2 with the Default GPU Low Profile Case: ZS-A4S V3 6.2L Mainboard: B550I AORUS PRO AX (rev. 1.0) CPU: Ryzen 5...
  3. |||

    Discussion AMD's new MICRO ITX platform

    Did anybody else catch AMD referring to mini-ITX as "MICRO ITX" at 12:45 in their platform video? I know many people make this mistake, but you'd think a major component manufacturer would know better than to flub a major form factor.
  4. Da_Korn

    7L watercooled SFF Case (Dual 92mm radiator)

    After building my first custom mini PC, I have had the idea of a Watercooled PC?. A sub-7L SFF case that can accept standard mini ITX components and watercooling components. My finished Design ended up to be 7,26L in volume?. My Choice of the radiator is a dual 92mm alphacool unit. my goal was...
  5. D

    motherboard recommendation

    looking for a last recommendation for motherboard. cpu is a ryzen 3400g and only going to use onboard graphics. which of these 3 motherboards would you choose and why? Asus - Asrock -...
  6. LuKO

    Project: 5.2L MINI PC 250W (Brickless)

    Hello, this is my project 5.2L mini 250W brickless PC for my girlfriend. Specification: MOBO: H310M-ITX/ac CPU: Intel® Pentium® Gold G5400 Processor CPU Cooler: IS-40X from ID-COOLING GPU: GeForce® GTX 1050 OC Low Profile 2G RAM: 8GB DDR4 KIT (2X 4GB) 2400MHz DIMM from Kllisre (Aliexpress)...
  7. T

    Motherboard asrock mini itx build x470 ( no post )

    I ran off like a yahoo and ordered a number of parts to build my first Mini ITX and I can't believe my ears with what I am reading. There were only two choices, none others: asrock mini ITX X470 - has displayport output ASUS Strix Rog mini ITX X470, no displayport --- Bought the ASROCK, can't...
  8. N

    Will this build work with a 250w pico psu?

    Hello! So I'm building a SFF PC to use for interactive multimedia and performance projects, as well as a workstation for video and graphics editing. Running stuff like Max MSP, Processing, Ableton, Touch Designer, Unity, Maya, and After Effects + Adobe CC stuff, and hopefully doing a few of...
  9. BryceK

    Motherboard AM4 Thin ITX motherboards, They do exist!

    Hi All, For the last few months I have been thinking of making a really small build, but to have some graphical performance I needed to use a 2400G or 2400GE (which will be available at some retail stores in the Netherlands at the 4th of March). Now looking at the common brands non had a Thin...
  10. M

    Concept HDPlex 400w + TWO dell 240w power bricks in Parallel ?

    Hello! I'm thinking of building a Mini ITX project with a HDPlex 400w. Has anyone thought of feeding the system with two power bricks instead of one ? ( I mean in parallel connection). I have seen many projects with Dell 330w adaptor + HDplex 400w and this system often does not provide...
  11. A

    GPU Where Current Gen Mini GPU's?

    I recently saw that Zotac had released a Mini RTX 2070, and it got me thinking, "Where are all the other Mini current gen GPUs?" So I just want to know, before I pull the trigger and buy the 2070 for my next build, is there any information out there, anything from confirmation of existence to...
  12. coolmak231

    cheap skyreach mini look alike

  13. S

    Concept SFF Tower case gaming PC

    Hey guys! I want to share with you my idea. Maybe here it will be interesting to someone. A little background. I started to monitor different startups, starting with N-CASE, then DAN CASES a4-sfx, NFC S4 MINI, DR ZABER CENTRY. These are very cool projects and they are unique each in its own...
  14. VELKASE Michael

    Prototype Velka 1: The smallest APU case

    The purpose of this case is to be the smallest case that can fit a standard Mini ITX motherboard, 65 W TDP CPU cooler such as the Noctua NH-L9a/i, and DC-DC power supply such as the Pico PSU. Top priorities: Size Appearance The case will look best when set flat as shown in the first picture...
  15. E

    Custom Streacom F1C SW Top Lid?

    Hey guys! I've been planning out a new build and I've been seeing quite a few users with custom lids for the F1C SW, namely and The question is, did these people make these? I'm struggling to find anything online for "custom...
  16. VELKASE Michael

    Production Velka series cases for ultra compact and portable desktops

    Velka series cases are focused on delivering class-leading space efficiency for portability and reduced desk clutter. Available at Revision 3.0 (current) Velka 3: Supports 17 cm discrete graphics cards and an internal Flex ATX power supply for maximal size reduction. Under 4 liters...
  17. C

    Is there a way to fuse two barrel jacks together?

    So I wanted to fuse two barrel jack connectors together because I am going to work on a project that requires a Pico PSU and eGPU dock. However that would mean I'd have to use two laptop power bricks. To cut down on the cost and the amount of bricks I wanted to use one 330 watt brick since that...
  18. D

    Metallicgear neo mini build

    HI all just the start of the project- this will take me a while. but got the case today, its available in the uk- and am very happy with it.Happy to answer any questions about it. installed 2x 140mm fans in the front and moved the 120mm provided fan to the rear. added a Samsung ssd. will be...
  19. T

    Geeek A50 Build - Advices or opinions about my choices

    Hello everyone, First of all I'm sorry for my poor english. My name is Renaud and I'm from France and I just arrived on the forum. I pre ordered a mini ITX case : The Geeek A50. I want some advices about my choices : What do you think about : Case : Geeek A50 from Geeeks CPU : i7-8086K (I won...
  20. CC Ricers

    Concept Project Quantum-inspired case for Ryzen APU systems (2.4 liters)

    After seeing some of the concepts here for a Ryzen APU case, I've decided to throw my hat into the ring. This has been some time in development although I have only started working on the current design a couple of days ago. What started as a mostly nondescript square-ish case now took a more...