Project: 5.2L MINI PC 250W (Brickless)

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    this is my project 5.2L mini 250W brickless PC for my girlfriend.


    MOBO: H310M-ITX/ac
    CPU: Intel® Pentium® Gold G5400 Processor
    CPU Cooler: IS-40X from ID-COOLING
    GPU: GeForce® GTX 1050 OC Low Profile 2G
    RAM: 8GB DDR4 KIT (2X 4GB) 2400MHz DIMM from Kllisre (Aliexpress)
    SSD: Crucial MX300 M.2 2280 275GB SATA III
    PSU: 250W - 12V/ 20.8A LED Power Supply from SANPU (Aliexpress) + 12V 250W Pico PSU from RGeek (Aliexpress)
    CASE: HTPC MINI ITX Case 21*26*9.5cm 5.2L from Aliexpress

    Case need some mods for fit LED PSU ( cut out front panel HDD led ) and IEC C14 Power Plug (drill hole for connector)

    Links for Aliexpress parts:
    12V 250W LED PSU:
    12V 250W Pico PSU:
    IEC C14 EMI filter :

    PS: sorry for my bad english, I am from Slovakia :D

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    Nice build! A word of warning: particularly for the Aliexpress PICOPSU knockoffs, I wouldn't trust them to sustain their full rating - they simply don't have the input or output wire gauge for that kind of wattage. For your build it ought to be perfectly fine, though, as it'll likely be closer to 100W than 200 under load.

    It might also be an idea to stick a filter capacitor across the DC output of the AC-DC PSU - without a datasheet there's no telling whether this is even remotely close to ATX ripple compliance (120mV p-p for 12V), and it's a shame to lose hardware (or more likely, experience instability) due to an out-of-spec PSU.
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  4. LuKO

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    yes i know, that's why i chose a bigger wattage :)
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    Nice build! Can that case support MATX?
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    The higher wattage does not mean anything, as they fudge the numbers. They add the 5v rail and the 3.3V rail to the rating. PC use mostly 12V rail. This is probably a 120W unit, which is pretty much just enough for this build.

    I think you're on a tight budget and you understand the risks. It looks very good. I am concern for the ac-dc. The ripple on LED psu is generally very poor.
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    yes this case also supports MATX mobo.
    but beware!!! only to size 20x24cm (this means that not all MATX)
    you have to check at the dimensions your mobo
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    You think the Asrock's X399 threadripper MATX would fit?
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    How would you cool a Threadripper in a case that small anyhow?
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    More a dream than anything. Or, I could underclock something major.
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    Server Cooler? If you don't care about noise that is. I also dream of a case that small that could somehow fit a threadripper and cool it
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    Hunted down that psu's spec sheet, found that the mfg at least do state ripple of <120mVpp, and <250mVpp for the 24V counterpart.

    The efficiency is pretty bad at 85% though.

    But yeah... do take precaution and don't tax it too much. Great build anyway! Hope your gf likes it!
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    Your Google-fu is apparently superior to mine. I even messaged the AliExpress seller, which ... well, wasn't helpful :p