1. Choidebu

    Power Supply Calculating Power consumption and PSU needed

    hi all, So I'm planning a build: Ryzen R5-1600 (65W) Asrock ab350-itx (incl. intel wifi+bt module) Noctua n9li Rx550 (50W) Nvme ssd 1x8gb ram stick Possibly 1 or 2 sata ssd. I've tried https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator which said 171W total so it recommends 220+W psu (I think...
  2. McTeags

    Closed HDPLEX 300W AC-DC (New in Box)

    SOLD: HDPLEX 160W DC-ATX (New in Box) $45 w/ free shipping Sold: HDPLEX 300W AC-DC (New in Box) w/ SFX Bracket Included $65 w/ free shipping No longer in stock: HDPLEX 160W DC-ATX & 300W AC-DC w/ SFX Bracket Included (New in Box) $100 w/ free shipping ($10 discount) Ended up getting an HDPLEX...
  3. royalba94

    Actively Cooled HDPlex 300W AC-DC adapter

    My third time writing this up due to my browser thinking backspace meant to go back in history when I was clearly typing... Background/Motivation: Project History until now: Current Status: So the part you've all been waiting for... (or just skipped to ;)) the pictures! Here are the...
  4. rinoandrejohnsen

    Streacom DB4 build: "The Zen of Yin"

    For two weeks ago, I started a build that I thought I would share with you. Streacom DB4 - black version Ryzen 1700 Biostar X370GTN G.Skill 3200Mhz@cl14 Samsung 960 pro MSI RX 550 ITX Corsair SFX 600 HDPlex VGA cooler kit HDPlex CPU cooler kit I wanted to create a total black build by spray...
  5. cj360

    HDPlex (400w) In Node202?

    Ordered a hdplex to see if I could free up some space for a 120 rad for an aio liquid cooler for my ryzen 1600. Since it seems like if its possible an aio in the node or upcoming sentry would be great cooler if it can fit. I received some two sided thermal tape to mount the hdplex, only to...
  6. noobi3st

    Selling [USA-KY] HDPLEX 300 & Dell 330W brick combo SOLD

    Shipped to @xcrco
  7. Mortis Angelus

    Power Supply Where to get my hands on HDPLEX 250W or 300W models?

    Anyone know where I could find the older models? First of all, I don't need 400W, and second of all the 400W is too big for my build (yes, the added 10 mm creates an issue). Someone should really tell HDPLEX that they should stop making them any bigger. It would also be nice to see them offer...
  8. W

    Closed HD PLEX 300W $100

    I'm looking to purchase an HDPLEX HiFi 300W DC-ATX with the 16V-24VDC barrel Input. Please message me with offers.
  9. Jeffinslaw

    Another HDPlex Thread

    Hey guys, I've got some ideas rolling around in my head for an SFF case around the size of the Xbox One. I've come across the HDPlex 300 and ordered one along with one of their 300W internal bricks. After doing some more research, I cam across this AC-DC converter PFM4414VB6M24D0C00. I browsed...
  10. J

    Question for HDPLEX 300W Hi-Fi DC-ATX owners and/or NFC S4 mini owners

    hi SFF community (& @josh #nfc), Problem: PSU and MB lights up but my GPU spins up and then stops spinning. No video output via GPU. I have assembled the following for my S4 mini build: CPU: i5-4670S (65w) GPU: EVGA GTX 1060 SC (06G-P4-6163-KR) MB: Asrock Z97M-ITX/ac RAM: 1x8GB DDR3 SSD x 2...
  11. henrygrins

    HDPLEX PSU Questions

    Hi SFFers- I just purchased the HDPLEX 300W AC-DC and 160W DC-DC PSU components, but just realized I should have asked a couple of questions here before pulling the trigger. I'm really looking to use this rig the "wrong way" which is to say there is no M/B to power, and I'm using the 160W DC-DC...
  12. R3venger

    News HDPLEX 300W AC-DC w/PFC (nanoATX Series) now for pre order

    Hi, i checked the HDPLEX Website, and the 300W AC-DC psu seems to be able to pre ordering. HDPLEX 300W AC-DC w/PFC (nanoATX Series) About the stock: Los Angeles,USA: ETA April 25 Hamburg,Germany: ETA April 30 Shenzhen,China: In Stock
  13. WadeAK78

    Power Supply HDPLEX 80W AC-DC

    Everyone is talking about how the 160W AC-DC can support much higher loads, and I was wondering if the 80W AC-DC can do higher loads, like 120W with cooling.
  14. limaalpha0hacii

    Other 2 in. (50mm) 24-pin Ribbon Cable?

    I just re-watched Josh's (from NFC Systems) video on the HDPlex 300W. Josh talked about imagining a 2 in. 24-pin connector (at 3:04) from the HDPlex 300W to the connector on the motherboard. I looked at cablemods website and the shortest 24-pin cable I could find was roughly 7 in. (200mm). Does...
  15. bledha

    Power Supply Power Brick Recommendations for HDPlex

    Hey all, Been combing through power bricks (mostly from HP and Dell) to use with my new HDPlex 160. Only going to ever be using a 65w CPU and 75-120w GPU (likely just the 1050ti) + 1-2 SSD. Needless to say, my power requirements are low and so I am looking for something in the 200-250W range...
  16. Aibohphobia

    .SKP & .STEP HDPLEX Internal 300W AC-DC Adapter v0.2b

    Upcoming 300W AC-DC Adapter w/ PFC from HDPLEX. Designed to be internally mounted. 90V-264V 50/60hz AC input and 19.5V DC output. This is a placeholder model based off the dimensions given by HDPLEX for an unreleased product. This model is NOT 100% accurate so plan accordingly! This model will...
  17. STS1985

    Backpack VR Gaming Rig! (Step 1 - Planning)

    Hey folks, Im doing some prelim research before buying parts for a custom VR backpack rig. DC-DC is how Im hoping to power the rig. Id like the option to run either off battery, or DC in wired mode if needed. Hoping to run 1070 ITX and an I5 6600T in a Mini-ITX case. Any ideas on what the...
  18. M

    Closed HDPLEX HiFi 250W DC-ATX + HP Voodoo 350W

    Hello, iam from Germany. I want to sell one HDPlex 250W and one HP Voodoo 350W. The HDPLex is new and just one time used. The HP Voodoo I bought used. Voodoo for 40€ HDPlex for 65€ Both for 100€
  19. C

    Project Jam-Pack – 4 Litre ITX Gaming Sandwich PC

    A couple of years ago I lived on a boat and came to the realization that gaming was a luxury I couldn’t have access to with my current hardware. I set about designing a computer that was capable of decent gaming performance, had an excellent power-to-watt ratio and was as compact as possible...
  20. flacman

    NFC S4 Mini #85 - Desert Night (6700T + GTX 1060)

    Hello fellow SFF enthusiasts... Background Essentially a desktop PC you can take on-board a plane with your roller bag. Status: stable Spec Dump: Case: NFC S4 Mini Desert Night #85 PSU: HDPLEX DC-160W + 330W 19.5V Adapter CPU: Intel Core i7 6700T HSF: Noctua NH-L9i MOBO: Gigabyte H170N-WiFi...