HDPlex (400w) In Node202?


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Jan 25, 2017
Ordered a hdplex to see if I could free up some space for a 120 rad for an aio liquid cooler for my ryzen 1600. Since it seems like if its possible an aio in the node or upcoming sentry would be great cooler if it can fit.

I received some two sided thermal tape to mount the hdplex, only to realize I don't know how I want to or should mount the dc jack to the external brick. While the cables seem long enough to use the current hole for the ac plug at the bottom of the case, there would seemingly have to be some sort of intermediary bracket to accept the hdplex dc jack screws and screws from the outside of the node 202.

Would a custom 3d print suffice for this?
Reference photos of the area in the node 202 I'm talking about next to the hdplex dc jack.



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May 14, 2016
Ah I did this with my Node 202. If I recall...I removed the existed PSU socket...and used the existing screw holes for my HDPLex. I think I only used one screw.