1. ondert

    Concept Different uSFF idea with Flex ATX psu --> Flexpy

    Hello SFF guys, Firstly I want to tell you that I don't know nearly anything about CAD softwares and just drew this on an online CAD website which wasn't useful. For now, I have only an idea to make a case about 3.14 liters (if not possible, at least around 3.5 lt) including low profile dual...
  2. TheHig

    eBay Vega 56 New from Newegg's EBay store link to Or search for Vega 56 , sort lowest price and you will see the Sapphire Vega 56 for 419 with free shipping!
  3. Colinreay

    .STEP 3d Printable GPU AIO Mount 2017-10-21

    This is a nice little bracket that will allow you to mount your Asetek style pump to a AMD or Nvidia GPU. The log can be found here for more information. The bracket works by sandwiching the pump head of the AIO and the GPU die together via 4 screws and two brackets (one that holds the AIO...
  4. P

    .SKP NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FE PCB v1

    A SketchUp model of the PCB of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FE. It was modelled after a high resolution image of the PCB. Quite accurate.
  5. G

    M/B and GPU I/O dimensions wanted!

    I've been poking around online, and many of the atx-spec case i/o dimensions have slight variations between them, anywhere from .1mm to eight or 9mm differences. I'm looking for the dimensions for the case rear i/o. Motherboard spacing to the GPU slots, GPU attachment hole dimensions, etc...
  6. A

    GPU GPU Undervolting/Overclocking for Dummies (like me)

    Hi Everyone, I have just built this and i am wanting to undervolt the GPU to lower temperatures and maybe squeeze a few more drops of power out of the card i purchased; an XFX Vega 56. Going from Wattman, currently my card sits around 36c at idle and averages about 75c at load. I've put it...
  7. ondert

    Asrock Deskmini 110 & Gt 1030 Possible?

    Hey sff forum, I'm sure I'm not the first to think about this but is there any chance to put GT 1030 inside Asrock Deskmini 110 barebone pc? The chassis itself has 155 x 155 x 80mm dimensions but don't know about the inner clearance. The shortest GT 1030 I found is Gigabyte's GT 1030 Low...
  8. O

    What is currently the most powerful GPU for the S4 Mini?

    I want to put the best current gpu that will fit in the s4 mini. I'd prefer ones that would fit with little to no mods but I'm interested in all options. As far as I know, right now there are certain gtx 1070 minis that will fit without mods and the gtx 1080 mini from zotac with mods. I
  9. SteGa

    Dan Case + 1080 Ti?

    Hi all, So i've recently (and very, very luckily) acquired both a Dan Case and an Nvidia 1080 Ti FE. I had an existing system with an i7 6700k + Noctua L9i and an ASRock gaming z170 itx mobo. So i upgraded my build with the new case and card and have a couple questions: 1: Any insight/tips on...
  10. Colinreay

    Prototype A 3d-Printable GPU AIO Mount!

    Hey everyone, hope you are all having a wonderful day so far! This will just be a quick project log, where I prototype and finalize a fairly basic (yet hopefully useful!) bracket that allows you to mount an AIO cooler to a GPU. Two main goals of mine for this project are for it to be as...
  11. CC Ricers

    Closed EVGA GTX 650Ti 2GB mini version

    Here's a used 650 Ti for sale. Works great, just selling for an upgrade. Buyer pays $45 plus shipping to 60640. I accept PayPal or BTC. Only the card is included, no box or accessories.
  12. DarekLogic

    Prototype New MC850 SFF case/system from Logic Supply - feedback welcome

    Hi all, I wanted to share an early look at one of Logic Supply's latest developments and perhaps get your feedback. Quick background for those who aren't familiar with us, Logic Supply ( is an industrial PC manufacturer specializing in small form factor system development...
  13. T

    GPU Blower or Open Air GPU (and some other questions)

    Hello, I'm building a new PC, it will be my daily computer, but I will also be transporting it to college and various LAN events. the part list is here: I already have an ssd and hdd, and any other suggestions on parts are appreciated. My questions are: 1...
  14. CC Ricers

    Closed Sapphire R9 285 ITX edition, HD-PLEX 160W (old gen), Dell 150W adapter

    First is my Sapphire R9 285 ITX edition for sale. I plan to upgrade to a RX 570 soon. This is just for the card. $60 and free shipping to the continental US. Elsewhere, please PM me for shipping details. I'm also selling an older HD-PLEX DC-ATX 160 and Dell 150W 19.5V power brick. Preferably...
  15. Therandomness

    Our first (almost proper) look at Vega

    And the new 'Frontier' card. So basically just a reference card. But still: Now, lets hope for an RX Vega Nano. Top is liquid cooled. Read more here:
  16. Bambam625

    Looking for case advice for this gpu

    Hey guys, Im building a pc for my girlfriend. so far ive managed to get a r9 fury, and an e3 1270 v1. Got excellent deals on both. And the passmark scores for the e3 1270 v1 seemed acceptable to gaming. Nothing in this rig will be overclocked. Anywho, I havent bought the motherboard yet...
  17. K888D

    GPU AMD Radeon RX 550 Graphics Cards

    The 'low end' GPU market hasn't received much attention over the past couple of years, with AMD and Nvidia battling it out in the mid to high end space, leaving integrated graphics to try and cater for the low end. Even though integrated graphics have come a long way over the past 5 years and...
  18. D

    Other Powered pcie riser cable for unpowered graphicscards

    TL;DR: This riser good. Use if card no haz extra power. This thread is about powered riser cables for graphicscards that have no auxiliary power connector, pulling the full 75W from the PCI slot. The PCIE standard does not specify that 75W can be delivered safely through a riser cable. I.e...
  19. 3lfk1ng

    GPU ZOTAC 1080 Mini measurements and review!

    A long but thorough read, we review the ZOTAC 1080 Mini. You can read the entire review here (beware the load times!) (5/18/2017): Load times resolved!.
  20. winterfart1

    Small and Low profile 10 series GPU comparison

    Haven't see any reviews for the low profile cards yet. But i did come across this and thought that it was worth sharing. Also, does anybody have their hands on the MSI 1050ti Low profile GPU already?