1. T

    Possible to switch/upgrade GPU blower fans?

    I picked up an Alienware x51 R2 as a gift this weekend for about $60. Thing wouldn't boot and I knew how to fix the problem. Once I fixed that, added an SSD, upgraded to a Dell 330w, and found a new GPU, I realized that I may have a new problem. Heat. There are a lot of people online with X51s...
  2. Analogue Blacksheep

    GPU Low Profile GPU Potential/Discussion

    I've been recently looking at low profile GPUs; the 1050ti quadruplets, the P1000 and the WX4000, and it got me thinking: Is there any potential for low profile GPUs to get as powerful as their ITX counterparts with the current technology? Say RTX 2070 performance levels? I was wondering if...
  3. Ek1

    GPU The best mITX sized GPU [2019/2] Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 MINI ITX?

    When looking GPU that does not need more space than the mITX motherboard, have you seen better option? For 500$-600€ it seems to be the holy grail. Model: GV-N2070IX-8GC
  4. SiG

    High-end ITX "Mini" GPU comparisons: heat, performance, coil whine, and reliability...

    I've been trying to look up information regarding the various 2060 Mini and 2070 Mini models (and now the 1660Ti) and how they compare with one another in performance, heat, and coil whine, as well as power draw. It's very hard gleaning at some reviews/data as they tend to skew towards comparing...
  5. C

    NVDIA GPU Compatibility List

    I made an NVDIA GPU compatibility list for the Dan A4 based on specs on the website. I was able to get most specs on each manufacturers websites but some may be inaccurate or missing. Please let me know and I will correct it. Feel free to use this and make a better one for us all as I'm not that...
  6. F

    Ncase M1 cooling - 120mm fans under the GPU

    Hello my sweet princes! My Ncase is currently on it's way to a country superior to yours (Canada, of course). In the meantime, I'm planning the build... So, here are my questions. 1.Does an open-air GPU manage to keep reasonable temperature? 2. a) If I add two 120mm fans to the bottom of the...
  7. S

    Power Supply Smallest PSU for Nvidia's 32GB GV100

    Hey folks, Seeking some advice on two problems. I recently got a Quadro GV100(exact same as the Titan V, but with more vram) from Nvidia and I'm using it to render ultra-realistic VR experiences, and I would like to build a portable egpu system for it so I can bring it around. I plan to take...
  8. Smitty Werben

    Stalled Ultra small cnc-milled itx case

    Hey guys, I have started working on a mini itx case for myself about two weeks ago. While working on it I decided to try and make an actual product out of it. Specifications: Dimensions: I am planning 3 versions and for each 2 heights (Mini ITX 65 mm and Thin Mini ITX 50 mm), so 6 sizes in...
  9. P

    GPU [SOLVED] 1080Ti Running Super Hot

    Hey guys, In a bit of a pickle here. I can't figure out why my undervolted (1900Mhz @ 0.925v) morpheus II cooled 1080ti runs so hot compared to other users. I'm seeing temps in the 65C region, and I know that is relatively cool for a 1080ti, however running the card stock settings without an...
  10. AMv8-1day

    GPU [AnandTech] Innodisk Launches M.2 Graphics Card with 4K Output

    Innodisk Launches M.2 Graphics Card with 4K Output Pretty cool, obviously pretty niche and not meant to be a "gaming card", but I would love to see some more exploration into low power cards in M.2 or M.2 ribbon adapter formfactor. Capture card maybe? Low power RX 550 or MX150? RAID/HBA...
  11. 3lfk1ng

    GPU NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti review, SFF style.

    Another long but thorough read, we review the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. Note: This is going to be an ongoing review, a first for SFFn, and it will see several updates throughout the following months. Updates will be appended to the article and also in this thread. Read the review here.
  12. D


    Hey apologies for the simplest of questions: Would this card fit inside the Ncase? 26.8cm x 11.4cm x 5.8cm It looks like its over 2.5 slot, probably 2.75 but cannot be sure. Trying to work out this is like solving a riddle for me :(...
  13. Wahaha360

    Closed MSI GeForce GTX 1070 AERO ITX 8G OC

    Used for measurements, less than 100 hours of operations. Comes with box and accessories. I bought this to test eGPU, but I have a MacBook, it's just easier to use AMD GPUs so I don't have to implement hacks to get things to work. Free shipping included for US. Will not ship outside of US and...
  14. Gutzy

    Selling AMD Radeon RX580 4GB ITX (HP OEM)

    Selling an AMD Radeon RX580 4GB ITX HP OEM GPU Condition is like new. Only used for a few months for moderate to light gaming. Reason for sale is I recently upgraded to a Vega 56 nano. $240.00 $220.00 shipped. CONUS only. Paypal only. Item ships with signature verification requirement for...
  15. W

    Enclosure Dan Case A4 with open air gpu

    I'm currently thinking about doing a build in the beautiful Dan Case A4, but non of the blower style gpus i'm looking at really match the aesthetic of the build. I was curious, would I be okay using the EVGA SC2, with an open air cooler, for should I be looking at exclusively blower style?
  16. CC Ricers

    Closed Thin Mini-ITX part out (motherboard, GPU, and more)

    All parts have been sold, thank you I have to sell my thin mini-ITX build and willing to part it out. The three items I'm selling are the Gigabyte thin mini-ITX motherboard, low profile WX4100 GPU and Corsair 2x4GB of RAM. The motherboard comes with its box and accessories, and a mini...
  17. CC Ricers

    Concept Mini-STX cases for dedicated GPUs

    With the rise of mini STX and seeing people follow in the footsteps of putting some dedicated GPUs- like this recent build, or from one of our most notable forum members- I've decided to pursue this form factor for my next case project. This is something I cannot yet start at the moment due to...
  18. C

    Dan a4-SFX 2.2 card slot

    I'm looking to build in the Dan a4-SFX and the gpu I'm looking to use is the Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ 8gb which says its a 2.2 slot card and is 43mm high .My questions is , will it fit. Thanks in advance
  19. J

    Hardware Choices For Mini ITX Build

    Hello! I'm new to this community and would like to ask for some opinions on my next computer build. Background Information: I definitely would like my build to be in the Mini ITX size/FF. However, what I'm trying to decide is what GPU and CPU to put into it. GPU Decisions: The problem is that...
  20. BryceK

    Modding GPU to single slot

    Hi All, A lot of the high-end GPU's in Smaller sizes like the Gigabyte/Zotac GTX 1070/1080 are 2 slots. Yet they are only 2 slots because of their heatsink and fans and because of the DVI port. Now if you would Watercool such a card, they become a single slot due to the waterblock being less...