Ncase M1 - Fully Custom


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Apr 17, 2017
Much thanks to Josh from NFC for the window side panel. All other work was done by me. There's even a drain port hidden behind the front panel.

Hopefully @Necere will make the Ncase M5 so I can do an ATX custom loop inside it.



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Apr 17, 2017
Here's the build specs:

* Ncase M1 V5
* EVGA Z270 Stinger
* i7-7700k (delidded)
* 16 GB 3000Mhz Blue LED Vengeance RAM
* 512GB m.2 NVME SSD - Samsung SM951
* 1 TB Samsung 850 Evo SSD
* Corsair SF600 PSU
* All Noctua slim fans
* Nvidia GTX 1080 founders with EKWB copper (DVI removed) * EK-DDC pump with upgraded housing (for better heat dissipation supposedly)
* EK Evo Supremacy Acetal CPU block
* 92mm rad - unknown manufacturer since I bought it used (think it is Hardware Labs)
* 240mm slim rad from Hardware Labs
* 12mm OD Bitspower fittings - black sparkle
* Alphacool bulkhead fitting

Notes on the build:

* was able to keep both the front IO (USB 3.0 and mic and headphone jack)
* put in a drain port in the front using special Bitspower (T) and Alphacool (bulkhead) fittings
* the only cables not either sleeved or shortened were the USB 3.0, Audio IO, and Darkside LED splitter
* All Noctua fans were spray-painted to match color scheme
* GTX 1080 wouldn't fit with the DVI connector so I took it out. Photos can be found Here
* I originally had a 1080 TI, but I swapped it for a 1080 because I didn't like how hot my CPU was getting. Now temps on CPU are reaching mid 70s on load and GPU is at 60 at load.
* only thing not done by me was the custom window panel. Josh from NFC systems helped me with that.

I'm happy to answer any other questions.
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May 9, 2015
That's a stuffed case right there ! Amazing work ! How are the fans on the bottom radiator able to cool with so little room for air to actually move ?