1. H

    Enclosure CaseLabs Bullet BH4 VS. Cerberus KIC11U for mITX Build

    Hello All! I've been looking at the forums for some time and am just now posting! I've have recently gotten into PC building and am looking to transplant my mITX build into a SFF case. Excited about options available for beautifully designed USA made cases! My requirements for space are an...
  2. DSE

    Concept DSE Vertex - A 10L Inverted Vertical Format ITX Tower

    The Story Ever since I made the Breathe case, I was always wondering: Would I ever make another case? Could anything new be done with the component layout? Could I ever deliver on the features so many people wanted in the Breathe? Now I've got my answer: Yes; and its name is Vertex. The first...
  3. WH-team


    Instruction: After carefully consideration. We decided rebuild Micro`s Structure. Use Standard industrial design to make new structure. and this is image: tip: Another important hints is Micro`s new appearance haven`t confirm. We try to make our style to Separates C4-SFX or GHOST S1, Because...
  4. J

    What cases are you using? No GPU Build with 110mm tall heatsink

    Title pretty much says it all - what are you using? I'm think I'm going to go with the Noctua D9L to cool an 8700k, but so far haven't been able to find a case that will fit a heatsink of it's size that doesn't leave space for a GPU - even though its not a 'big' heatsink as such.
  5. C

    Concept Is this Pico PSU combination okay? And advice for a custom case?

    Hi people! I am brand new to this forum and this is my first thread so I'm sorry if it's in the wrong category. I am going to make a custom wooden small form factor PC case to suit my needs as I travel a lot. It will be an all in one computer with a 15 inch display converted from a laptop...
  6. Midiamp

    ITX case with generous rear motherboard opening for M.2 slot

    So I think it's becoming a norm to have M.2 slot on the back of ITX motherboards. Even the ROG Strix AMD board mandates NVME on the rear slot if wanting to occupy all of the M.2 slot. However, not all ITX case has rear opening for a better ventilation of the rear m.2 slot. Case in point, I just...
  7. K

    Enclosure Help with finding a case

    So I am doing an "overhaul" of my pc, im recycling my i5 6600k, storage, cooling, and ddr4. Im upgrading to the ROG maximus IX hero. I also managed to get my friend's pair of evga acx 3.0 1080s for free because he got the new ti models. I am now wondering what case to get as I wanted the S340...
  8. danielbatmanj

    Enclosure looking for cases

    So I am looking to downsize my build, and I am in need of a case. My only problem is my 3.5 in HDD, which seems to be limiting my options. Right now I have only found one case that meets my requirements (the silverstone ML08), but I would like more options. Here are the requirements: Similar...
  9. S

    Enclosure NFC S4 Mini alternatives

    Looks like the s4 mini isn't very available, and I'm having a hard time finding similar cases. Is it one of a kind or are there any other cases of the same size and layout out there?
  10. ondert

    Concept Different uSFF idea with Flex ATX psu --> Flexpy

    Hello SFF guys, Firstly I want to tell you that I don't know nearly anything about CAD softwares and just drew this on an online CAD website which wasn't useful. For now, I have only an idea to make a case about 3.14 liters (if not possible, at least around 3.5 lt) including low profile dual...
  11. Biowarejak

    Concept Project: Radian - Sub 12 Liter Watercooled ITX Chassis

    Project: Radian Starting 10/27/2017 I began all the computer aided design work using FreeCad, an amazing if quirky tool that's still essentially in apha - and totally free. About a week before that date, I was doodling in class, running off 5 hours of sleep and a Dr. Pepper, when the basic...
  12. WH-team

    Production Throw out your PCIe Extender ! WH-Micro gaming PC

  13. B

    Cooling 120mm Case Fan Recommendation?

    Hey, I am using realan case E-D3.It has a fan inside but I want to change a new one. Can anyone recommend either: a) A really good, really quiet 120mm case fan with a green LED, or b) A standalone green LED that I can put in front of something like a Noctua fan that doesn't require an...
  14. F

    Enclosure Help with finding a case

    So I am doing an "overhaul" of my pc, im recycling my i5 6600k, storage, cooling, and ddr4. Im upgrading to the ROG maximus IX hero. I also managed to get my friend's pair of evga acx 3.0 1080s for free because he got the new ti models. I am now wondering what case to get as I wanted the S340...
  15. M

    Opinions on these 2 cases???

    I've hit a crossroads in my search for a case for my first build, I really enjoy the aesthetics of both of these cases, so I'm looking for opinions mainly on the pros and cons of the specs of the case. Please share positive and negative opinions/experiences! If anyone has experience with either...
  16. ondert

    iTek Slim ATX cases are small!

    Hey guys, I’ve been living in Italy for a couple of years. Here, there are some local brands probably most of you didn’t know. iTek is one of them, there are some brands like this in south Europe, in Italy and in Spain. Their products seemed mid-quality to me. Didn’t know actually but while...
  17. C

    Enclosure What case do you recommend?

    I have a Raidmax case that I suspect is messing with my motherboard, and I generally don't care for the large size of it. So I will be selling the case if I can find a new one. What I need: Something $70 or less (I could go more if needed) Black color Side window Micro ATX size...
  18. O

    Enclosure Looking For Smallest ATX Case

    I've been searching a lot for the smallest atx case I could find and found realan E-D3 at 23 liters. The case isn't the best but it is windowed, which I like. Does anyone have any suggestions? Money is no problem. Preferred to have window and around 25 liters or smaller. Support for reference...
  19. S

    Questions about the PC case T3

    Before some many choices of case that I had, I've finally decided to go with the PC-T3-i5-4200U, but the official website does not give too much info about this beautiful case. So, if there is out there any PC-T3-i5-4200U owner that is reading...
  20. Y

    Enclosure Any smaller/better HTPC cases?

    I am looking for the smallest case I can find for my HTPC. I have an ASRock H97M-ITX/AC mini-ITX Board and an i3-4160 and only a single SSD for storage to go in it. So far, the smallest case I can find is the Realan T3 case. If there is nothing smaller or better I will end up going with that...