1. W

    Buying Looking for Asrock Deskmini GTX (B250) STX motherboard (California, USA)

    I bought the Deskmini GTX 1060 from Newegg when it launched in 2017 and even as it has grown outdated, I love it. Last year the motherboard on it seems to have died. I know it's a long-shot, but if anybody happens to have a the B250 stx motherboard from this Deskmini product in new, used or...
  2. R

    CPU Asrock DeskMeet X300 / RAM Mhz speed

    My first ever DIY PC was the Asrock DeskMini X300 which I love so much. I just gave it to my son and have build the Asrock DeskMeet. So far it is great! It is with AMD Ryzen 5 5600G and Corsair 32GB 3200 RAM. In the BIOS by default AUTO it opens as 2133Mhz. The BIOS version is 1.4. Is it safe...
  3. fabio

    Closed [DK-EU] NFC S4T Mini Workstation - 550EUR + Shipment

    I sell my unique small workstation! Barely used! NFC System S4Tiny Case with box, etc. ASRock X300TN-ITX ThinITX (Support AMD 5700G as well - All cables included) AMD Ryzen 5700G Crucial Ballistix 32GB DDR3200MHz Memory Crucial P5 NVME SSD 500GB BlackRidge CPU Cooler HDPlex 400W 2.0 (Samsung...
  4. S

    Selling [UK-EU] 32gb PC4-3200 SODIMM

    Selling a number of items, all of which could conceivably be bought together if needed, but happy to separate. Location: Surrey, UK Condition: Used, all in good working order - mostly hardly used Will Ship To: UK preferred, EU and WW customs charges on the buyer X300TM-ITX ASRock Thin-ITX...
  5. Analogue Blacksheep

    Motherboard Deep-ITX Potential/Discussion

    Figured it might be time for another one of these discussion/roundup/speculation obscure motherboard form factor threads with the B550 board showing up. *** What is Deep-ITX it so far as of 11/04/21? - 6.7"x 8.2" or 170mm x 208mm (Standard ITX is 6.7"x 6.7" or 170mm x 170mm, DTX is 8"× 6.7"...
  6. G

    Motherboard ECC SODIMM in DeskMini A300/X300

    Has anyone attempted to use ECC SODIMMs in the ASRock DeskMini A300 or X300? Does ECC work? Does the memory work in the A300/X300 at all? Does it boot? I've ordered a Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G, 64GB (2x 32GB) Micron DDR4 ECC SODIMM 3200Mhz and a DeskMini X300, hoping it'll play together.
  7. B

    GPU ASRock Rack Unveils M.2 Slot Graphics Card

    Related Article. I'm not excited about the actual product itself as it's simply x1 for vga (weird edge case use I imagine), but I am fascinated with the idea of how far the concept can go. While more indirectly using m.2 for graphics isn't entirely new for this community (as a number of you...
  8. iFreilicht

    GPU ASRock RX 5500 XT Challenger ITX 8G

    Hey everybody, long time no see :) My PC is due for a GPU upgrade, and as one of my usecases is Realtime-Kernel development and audio production on Linux, nVidia is not an option. I have a Lazer3D LZ7, so the GPU can't be longer than 181mm. Well, as luck has it, ASRock released the RX 5500 XT...
  9. Analogue Blacksheep

    News ASRock Rack ROMED4ID-2T Deep-ITX

    Behold, the much requested EYPC 7002 (not quite) ITX board! The ROMED4ID-2T! Well, it's the new Deep-ITX form factor, not to be confused with DTX. Plus you will need a few of these for those slimline U.2...
  10. ParallaxStax

    Motherboard Asrock B550 Phantom Gaming ITX/AX

    EDIT: The webpage is up: Phantom Gaming-ITXax/index.asp Interesting things: USB C 19 pin type e header (!!) No riser or chipset fan Looks like 3 + 1 fan headers 1x front gen 4 m.2 1x rear gen 3 m.2 slot 2.5 gig ethernet "8 Power Phase Design, Digi Power, 90A...
  11. D

    GPU Radeon RX 5500 XT Challenger ITX 8G (RX5500XT CLI 8G) It seems to be a good 5500XT mini ITX card. Did anyone tried it out/bought it? Where can we buy it?
  12. Phuncz

    News A wild ATX12VO motherboard appears VIVA LA REVOLUCIÓN ! (of the 10-pin replacing 24-pin) Though it compensates by having an additional 6-pin PCIe power header... The smaller 4-pin headers read SATA_PWR_CON1 and 2...
  13. N

    Hardest Build Yet - Sliger SM580 / Dual 2080Ti SLI / 3950x / Custom Loop

    Hi everyone! While this is my first post on this forum, I've been challenging myself to create smaller and smaller builds for the past few years. When Sliger launched their new SM580 a few months ago, one thought immediately sprung into my head... "Would it be possible to squeeze in two...
  14. jace_ziii

    Update: 3D printed modular case for Asrock a300w build with RGB

    I finally had to time to 3D print a modular itx case for the a300. Working on designing the panels, update coming soon. Peace. I just finished my HTPC build. This mini workhorse is a standard budget build for multimedia use. Mainly, for streaming on numerous sites (netflix, hulu, kodi...
  15. vluft

    Motherboard ASRock EPYC 3000 ITX boards listed now

    ASRock has listed a pair of EPYC 3000 mini-itx boards on their site; one with a 3251 and one with a 3101. They look otherwise identical; up to 6 SATA drives (2 on board, 4 via OCUlink), 2x10G lan (using intel x550 parts, not the chipset builtins), 1 M2, and 4 DIMM slots (U/R/LR supported). Like...
  16. W

    S4 Mini with Asrock A300M-STX mainboard

    Hi there, I am currently planning to build an HTPC with a 5,25 bay (fitting the Burson Playmate) and a HDPlex 200W AC-DC + HDPlex 200W DC-ATX inside. So I measured a bit and a Mini-ITX would be to big to fit all the components inside the S4 Mini. So I am asking for someone who already tried...
  17. Analogue Blacksheep

    Help with AMD Athlon based attic/loft PC's

    (While these aren't SFF computers, I feel comfortable/familiar posting on this board hence why. Mods if you feel this belongs somewhere else could you move it there please.) I decided to look at the computers in my attic today. These are from around the early 2000's and haven't been opened...
  18. B

    SFFLAB to sell ASRock STX MXM board?

    Listing is found here. As much as I applaud the addition, three issues I'd like to know more on: 1) I don't know of any cases that are designed for those board dimensions other than ASRock's own. The MXM board is 5.8'' x 7.4'', not the typical STX 5.8'' x 5.4''. Silverstone's recently...
  19. T

    Motherboard asrock mini itx build x470 ( no post )

    I ran off like a yahoo and ordered a number of parts to build my first Mini ITX and I can't believe my ears with what I am reading. There were only two choices, none others: asrock mini ITX X470 - has displayport output ASUS Strix Rog mini ITX X470, no displayport --- Bought the ASROCK, can't...
  20. rokabeka

    Closed Asrock X99E-ITX/ac

    Hello, I would like to buy the x99 asrock itx board. stock cooler or wifi antenna is not a must. would not spend much more than $150+shipping on it. I am located in CA, 95123. cheers, &rew