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  1. confusis

    SFF.Network ASRock Reveals M-ATX AM4 Boards

    With Ryzen and AM4 just around the corner, information on SFF-orientated AM4 motherboards has been scant. With only ATX leaked or shown so far, we were afraid that we'd see a LFF (large form factor) launch. Fear not though, with not one, but two boards from ASRock, the AB350M Pro4 and the AB320M...
  2. ASRock System

    News ASRock show-off Micro-STX system with MXM & TB3 @CES 2017

    Hi All ASRock are happy to display our new model - Deskmini RX/GTX @CES 2017. You can get more picture in :https://www.cool3c.com/article/116315/CES-2017-華擎展出具可擴充-MXM-獨立顯示卡的-micro-STX-主機板原型主機 This is prototype of Deskmini RX/GTX Considering there are so many SFF enthusiasts still need more...