SFFLAB to sell ASRock STX MXM board?

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Mar 14, 2019
Listing is found here. As much as I applaud the addition, three issues I'd like to know more on:

1) I don't know of any cases that are designed for those board dimensions other than ASRock's own. The MXM board is 5.8'' x 7.4'', not the typical STX 5.8'' x 5.4''. Silverstone's recently announced VT02 for example, is incompatible. Will SSFLAB be selling cases for the board?
2) Will SFFLAB be selling MXM cards?
3) What cooling solution can be used for the MXM cards on this board? Will SSFLAB be selling those cooling solutions?

If none of those issues are addressed, I don't see what benefit the consumer receives from buying that board unbundled. The ASRock bundle/kit exists specifically to address all the issues above, all of which have a lack in available parts from reputable sellers.

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