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CES 2019: AMD

The SFFn crew (Tim and Joshua and myself) just had to make it to the AMD keynote – here’s what we saw! The Radeon VII is a triple fan card, so not the smallest. However, for the water enthusiasts amongst us, the card has all the IO in a single slot – no more DVI here!   Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum.

Motherboards Reviews

ASRock’s Fatal1ty X470-ITX/ac – Back to the Future

With the second generation of Ryzen processors on the market, it’s only fitting than a new, upgraded, chipset family is available. With this in mind, today we are looking at ASRock’s first AMD 400 series M-ITX board, the X470 Gaming-ITX/ac. This board is a younger brother to the previously reviewed X370 Gaming-ITX/ac, with a few changes to the layout, as well as the aesthetic...


Laptop Launch Extravaganza!

Earlier this week, the rest of Intel’s 300 series of chipsets and a few related mobile processors were released, meaning every man and his dog has updated their existing lineup, or launched new products based on the new chips. Here’s a roundup of some of the more interesting laptop-related tidbits, in no particular order; Intel Not to be overshadowed by all the manufacturer launches...


Xiaomi Launches a Non-GAM3R Gaming Laptop

Xiaomi, a brand better known for their Mi brand smartphones and powerbanks, has launched their first gaming laptop, the Mi Gaming Laptop. The laptop was launched at the Mi Mix 2s launch event in Shanghai, China yesterday. What’s remarkable about this gaming laptop is the lack of aggressive, “gamer” aesthetics – with the RGB turned off (as it should be!), the Mi Gaming...

Motherboards Reviews

Fatal1ty! ASRock’s X370 and AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac Motherboards Reviewed

History lesson time folks! Back in the early 2000’s, a FPS shooter player, Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel, was dominating the competitive gaming scene, earning attention from not only the gaming fraternity, but mainstream media also. Soon enough, a company, ABit, approached Fatal1ty with a brand deal. ABit would build Fatal1ty branded hardware, cementing his name in the minds of...


Opinion – M-DTX, The Ultimate SFF Motherboard

Quite a few years ago, AMD launched the DTX (and by extension, the M-DTX) standard, aiming to reduce costs in motherboard manufacturing by more efficiently optimising the use of a standard sheet of PCB material. In doing so, they inadvertently created what I consider the ideal SFF board form factor – M-DTX. This form factor offers the best of the M-ATX and M-ITX formats, in a balanced...


AuckLAN 7.5, A NZ LAN 2-4 December

AuckLAN 7.5 is happening this weekend, at MegaWeb in Auckland, New Zealand. As a continuation of the AuckLAN series, this smaller LAN is a great event for those in the Auckland Area. I will be attending the LAN representing SmallFormFactor.net, and sponsoring a couple of prizes for attendees, with support from Noctua. If you live in Auckland, please join in, the weekend promises to bring a lot of...


ASUS B150I Pro Gaming/Wi-Fi/Aura motherboard

Asus is at it again.  They have announced the B150I Pro Gaming/Wi-Fi/Aura motherboard.  The B150I is an alternative to the Maximus VIII Impact for budget conscious Mini-ITX gamers. The B150I comes with a nice red and black color scheme.  It also features LED lights running down the back side that can be customized via the Asus Aura desktop utility. The board offers an assortment of Asus tech...


Invasion of the Curved 34″ AIO’s

Watching CES 2016 coverage, we noted a rather interesting trend – 34″ Curved screen AIO systems. Quite a few of them – there have been 3 launched so far, and it’s only the first day of the event! All In Ones have always been on the borderline of decent setups – they’ve never really been upgradeable. This looks to be changing though, as 3 major pre-built system...


Gigabyte Launches a Unique GTX970

In the SFF world, the bane of our existence is heat. We find many creative ways to exhaust the watts of heat our hardware put out, from adding extra vents to crazy fan combinations. Constantly fighting us, however, is the general trend of GPU manufacturers insisting that having open style coolers on the cards is a good thing. All this does is add even more heat to our already sauna-like systems...