ASRock Working on Intel’s New A380 GPU

Intel’s new Arc family of graphics cards has a mainstream board partner, in the shape of ASRock. Excitingly for us, and belying the “A380” moniker (plane nerds know what I’m talking about), it’s an “ITX” spec GPU in the shape of a Challenger branded card. The board features a single 8 pin power connector, which is interesting considering the Intel rated 75w TDP. This is likely a mid-process prototype still.

Looking at the solid aluminium heatsink, it seems that this card will either run cool, or loud. Place your bets now! From early benchmarks, the A380 looks to lag behind AMD’s RX6400 and NVIDIA’s GTX1650, so don’t get your hopes up for a power dense SFF GPU just yet.

Source: Bilibili via TechPowerup