ETA Prime Builds Custom RTX A2000 Low Profile GPU SFF PC

Image Credit – ETA Prime   ETA Prime has put together a neat 4L build using the RTX A2000 low profile GPU. He paired it with an AMD 5600X, B550 motherboard, K29 Case, and a salvaged Inwin Chopin PSU. It all didn’t fit initially, but that’s what the Dremel is for. Turns out that this little system put out a very solid 1080P performance with some 1440P gaming on tap.  Check out the video below.  

News is Light: Enjoy The Worst Set-Top Box of My Life

Image Credit – Evan-Amos   Oh the 1990’s. Everyone got obsessed with the term “multimedia”. What was it? I still have no clue, but damn it we had to have it. Behold the 1990 small form factor set-top box that would define everything that was wrong with the multimedia concept; the Phillips CD-i. Powered by customized Motorola 68000 called the Phillips 68070 at a whopping who-cares-about-the-speed-this-thing-sucked-MHz, this CD spinning monstrosity was the bane of kids existence. Want a Genesis, SNES, or PC? No says the parent who watched the infomercial. This machine is “educational”. It taught me to hate. The …

Optimum Tech Builds Up 210mm Single-Slot RTX 4090

All Image Credit – Optimum Tech   Optimum Tech has used the Alphacool EISBLOCK GPX to build a single-slot RTX 4090. Before you get too excited, he attaches it to a 280mm radiator which will definitely dash the dreams of many who want to cram this card into a case without room for water cooling. Regardless, it’s an impressive custom loop build and the video is worth a watch.  

Linus Tech Tips Checks Out Pantera Pico PC

  Linus Tech Tips has gotten their hands on the Pantera Pico PC and Pico Projector. Aside from doing the normal LTT song and dance, Linus does a full teardown, tests NVME compatibility, and even tries to game on it. Spoiler alert, it’s not a gaming power house, and he doesn’t recommend the projector. Still, it’s a neat look at this tiny machine. You can visit the official Pantera Pico PC website by CLICKING HERE.

Goldeneye 64 Returns! Damn it John! We said no Oddjob!

Yes, I know it’s called Goldeneye 007. Yes, I know we don’t generally cover anything but SFF hardware. However, when something this iconic is coming exclusively to Switch and Xbox, both SFF machines, I’m going to post it. Goldeneye is back and now it runs at smooth 60FPS and in widescreen! Four player split screen is also back though no mention of online play as of writing. You can now gleefully enjoy the 4kb of texture cash the N64 had in glorious 4K. January 27th is the release date so get your friends over, order some cheap pizza, guzzle some …

Noctua Launches L9A for AM5

Noctua has launched the AM5 version of the legendary L9 CPU cooler. Coming in at the same 37mm total height that the AM4 version did, this SFF friendly cooler is available in both black and traditional Noctua beige/brown. MSRP is set for $44.90 for the brown, and $54.90 for the black. CLICK HERE for the Noctua product page.      

Intel A380 Now In MXM Form Factor

  Tom’s Hardware has reported that Chinese GPU manufacturer Gunnir has shown the MXM version of the Intel A380 GPU. The MXM 3.1 module appears to use the desktop version of the GPU. While Intel GPUs haven’t taken the market by storm, having additional SFF choices are always welcome. You can read the entire Tom’s Hardware article by clicking HERE.