Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 – Can The Once King Still Compete in 2022?

Written by Chris (aka Revenant) We are currently building a database of GPUs, and the very first one tested is the GTX 1080. As the database grows, we thought it would be fun to share some of the test results with you. In May of 2016 Nvidia officially launched their Pascal line of GPUs starting with GTX 1080. It was a step ahead of all the competition, and only got better as the drivers matured. Moreover, it sipped power at only 180 watts, overclocked like a champ, and could be pretty quiet with even the Founders Edition blower cooler. With …

Maximum PC Goes SFF

Photo Credit – My iPhone –   I’m old school in that I’ve been reading Maximum PC magazine since 2002 and still have a subscription. In fact, I recently finally got my hands on the Dream Machine 2003 Wavemaster case that I’ve wanted since I saw it. This months issue includes a large amount of SFF related articles. This is great to see. Articles of interest include building a home NAS with a Jonsbo SFF case, low end ITX Radeon GPU review, and a step-by-step guide to building a 12600K SFF rig. Check it out by going outside your home, …

MSI Announces ATX 3.0 / PCIE 5.0 PSU

Image Credit – MSI   MSI has announced two ATX 3.0 power supplies in the form of the 1000 watt MEG Ai1000P and the 1300 watt MEG Ai1300P. While we all knew that ATX 3.0 PSUs were going to be announced, MSI has taken an extra and interesting step of also releasing testing information for those PSU. MSI states that the Ai1300P can withstand up to 2,600 watts of sudden power draw for when a GPU power spikes. Interestingly, MSI seems to be preparing for a next-generation GPU that can sustain 600 watts power draw, and burst to 1,800 watts. …

Metalfish Creates Upcoming Class Action Lawsuit in Case Form

Image Credit – Metal Fish –   I try to keep my opinion at bay for the beginning part of news stories but this Metalfish case/tank/disaster is just too much. Somewhere, there is a lawyer already prepping a class action lawsuit. Who’s bright idea was it to put a fish tank…. A FISH TANK….on top of thousands of dollars of PC parts? I’ve owned fish tanks. They’re really good at two things. The first is getting dirty and requiring lots of cleaning. The second is leaking. They leak from seams. They leak from glue. They leak just through evaporation. They …

Densium Production Ahead of Schedule

Image Credit – Densium –   Densium announced that production is ahead of schedule on the upcoming revision of the Densium 4 and 4+.  This was actually announced on August 2nd, however I wasn’t able to post about it until today due to being run over by some sort of flu. August 2nd (2022) Hello everyone. I haven’t checked the comments here in a little while, my apologies. I’m actually here to share some good news The cases were supposed to ship by the end of August, but we’re way ahead of schedule. All the cases are now being assembled, …

Segotep Launches Slath Mini ITX Case

Image Credit – Segotep –     Segotep has launched a new ITX deisgn called the Slath Mini ITX. Featuring a stunning curved class design, the case retails for $299. GPU support is capped at 2-slot / 200mm length, while CPU heatsink support is up to 122mm. However, the rear side features mounting points for a 240mm AIO. Cooling is handled via two bottom intake fans and a vented floor panel. PSU support is SFX. We’ve reached out to Segotep in hopes of getting a review sample. My personal take is that this is a stunning looking case, but one …

RETRO SFF: The 8-Bit Guy Restores Apple IIc Plus

Image Credit – The 8-Bit Guy –   The 8-Bit Guy, seen above asking listening to your excuse for not doing your homework, has restored a very nice bit of retro SFF tech; the Apple IIc Plus. Most people know about the Apple IIe or IIgs. The IIc however is a bit of forgotten history, at least in the mainstream. It debuted in 1988 at a very friendly $675 and sported a 65C02 CPU at 4MHz, 128KB of RAM,  and a 3.5 inch floppy drive. The OS was ProDos. An interesting tidbit is that the CPU is pretty much the …

Modern Vintage Gamer Looks at AYA NEO AIR

Image Credit – Modern Vintage Gamer –   The YouTube channel Modern Vintage Gamer has taken a look at the new AYA NEO AIR and determined it rocks as as an emulation handheld. The unit MVG looked at included a  Ryzen 5560U APU, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and OLED screen. However, the crowd funded portable SFF machine comes in several models and specifications. You can check out the Indiegogo campaign by CLICKING HERE. In the meantime, check out Modern Vintage Gamer’s look at the system. He’s a fantastic YouTuber and game developer and worth subscribing to.