Ryzen 7 5800X On Sale For $368 at New Egg

  If you’ve been eyeing the Ryzen 5000 series there is a good deal right now at New Egg. The 8 Core / 16 thread 5800x is going for just $368 after entering the coupon code SLKDLS5625, for the next 11 hours. This is a good CPU for those looking to push the limit of SFF sandwich-style air-cooled cases. Additionally, you can use it to upgrade your B450 series boards to a modern CPU. Earlier this year, I upgrade my Ghost S1 system from a Ryzen 2600 to a 5600X, and saw massive improvement in performance. This was done on …


  News…NOW!   Sir Clive Sinclair, the inventor of Sinclair computers, has passed away at the age of 81. The Sinclair ZX line of computers were popular machines particularly in the UK. The ZX Spectrum is still a popular retro machine to this day, and technically small form factor. Rest in peace… Story Link – The Virge Intel had a groundbreaking ceremony for their new Arizona fab. It should be fully operational in 2023, and will likely be working on Intel 5 and Intel 3 process nodes. Story Link – Hexus.Net Intel has sent out Arc Alchemist GPU reference designs …

Review Roundup: Corsair MP600 Pro XT SSD

Reviews for Corsair’s newest flagship SSD have dropped and they are quite positive. The Phison E18 powered drive sports up to 7,100 MB/s writes and 6,800 MB/s reads. That’s actually faster than single-channel DDR2-800 RAM that was the foundation of many computers in the Core 2 and Core 2 Quad days. One thing you may notice on the drive is the thick matte black heatsink covering the PCB. This heatsink provides additional cooling above and beyond case airflow but does limit the drive’s placement in certain systems. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the PS5. Click on the links for …

Optimum Tech Reviews Cooler Master NR200P Max

Ali Sayed of Optimum Tech has reviewed the Cooler Master NR200P MAX. This is a version of the case that includes an 280mm AIO and  850 watt power supply with the case. Aside from his usual incredible camera work, he does a full build and provides temperature comparisons between the tempered glass and ventilated sides. He even includes testing with a RTX 3090 Founders Edition.    

GPU Review: MSI RTX 3060Ti Aero ITX OC LHR

  The MSI RTX 3060Ti Aero ITX 8G OC LHR (Aero 3060Ti for short) is a one-of-a-kind video card. It’s currently the only single fan RTX 3060Ti on the market, and the only 3060ti designed to fit ultra-compact ITX cases. The card’s length is a mere 172mm. The next smallest 3060Ti is the EVGA RTX 3060 TI XC Gaming, and is nearly 3cm longer at 201.8mm long. Three centimeters may not sound like much, but in the small form factor world it’s the difference between a card that fits and buying a new case. For those that need a card …

Gamer’s Nexus Receives Two Minisforum HX90s With No Liquid Metal

Gamer’s Nexus received two review units for the Minisforum HX90 that were missing the advertised liquid metal. Minisforums claims on the HX90 webpage that the unit has liquid metal cooling for the APU. However, Gamer’s Nexus, known for testing all manufacturing claims, found the metal missing. Moreover, they found liquid metal splattered onto the heatsink, motherboard, and other areas of the unit.   Screen Capture from the HX90 Website.   Gamer’s Nexus notified Minisforum who sent a second review unit. It too was missing the liquid metal, and has lead to Gamer’s Nexus not recommending the HX90. As the first …


      No one can be told what the news is, they must be shown…   The Matrix Resurrections trailer is out. It features John Wick…err…Thomas Anderson (aka Neo) rediscovering himself. The Matrix also has clearly gotten an HDR Patch. This isn’t computer related but come on, it’s The Matrix. Trailer Link – Warner Bros.   The PS5 got a new smaller heatsink. After some initial worries it would cause hotter temps, Igor’s Lab has confirmed it doesn’t. The APU runs cooler, while the the VRM and memory run a little hotter. Games still play the same. Story Link …