Review Roundup: Corsair MP600 Pro XT SSD

Reviews for Corsair’s newest flagship SSD have dropped and they are quite positive. The Phison E18 powered drive sports up to 7,100 MB/s writes and 6,800 MB/s reads. That’s actually faster than single-channel DDR2-800 RAM that was the foundation of many computers in the Core 2 and Core 2 Quad days. One thing you may notice on the drive is the thick matte black heatsink covering the PCB. This heatsink provides additional cooling above and beyond case airflow but does limit the drive’s placement in certain systems. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the PS5. Click on the links for …

Tek Everything Builds NFC S4T With Ryzen 5700G APU

Tek Everything has released a new build-video featuring the NFC S4T with a Ryzen 5700G APU. The video shows the complete build along with thermal testing using a Noctua NH-L9a. This should give anyone considering this case a good look at the base build. I can hear your mind asking the question “what do you mean base build?”. The Not From Concentrate Skyreach S4 Tiny starts at only 3.3L. However, you can stack multiple cases together and expand the design to add expansion. Essentially, the case can expand to whatever size you want, however 7L will easily get you a …

Retro Relook: Pocket PCs

  It’s time for this weeks Retro Relook. This week we delve into Pocket PCs of the 1980s. These were supposed to be full featured machines for their time, and came  complete with BASIC, the ability to print and load programs, and were meant for serious work. Today, they’re a forgotten part of SFF computing history.   First up, we have The 8-Bit Guy showing us a long list of 1980s pocket computers. He goes through numerous models, and in his unique style, shows them in detail.   Next up we have Jeff Tranter with his deep dive into the …

DeepCool Releases Compact Top Down ARGB Coolers

Coming in at 71mm in height and 136mm in width, DeepCool is launching a new ARGB top-down cooler. The cooler includes a 136mm x 27mm fan that spins to between 500 and 1800 RPM. Addressable RGB LEDs encircle the fan. The cooler itself is a very basic hockey puck style design with no heatpipes or vapor chamber. As such, it will likely be unsuitable for more than a mid-range CPU. The Intel model is the UL551, and the AMD model is the UD551. Street prices weren’t available at the time of writing. You can follow this link to check out …

Retro Relook: Phil’s Computer Lab Tackles Thin Client Retro PC Gaming!

I admit, I’m a sucker for retro PC gaming. I have 11 retro machines, but I pale in comparison to Phil who’s lab is just bristling with glorious retro awesomeness. BEHOLD THE 1980S and 1990S! Dawn your Hypercolor shirt. Dance in those Hammer Pants. Squeeze that Squeeze It! Settle in for the Disney Afternoon! For this Retro Relook we see Phil transforming old Thin Client machines into retro awesomeness. Modifications include sound cards, processor adjustments, and even adding Voodoo graphics. Now I’m tempted to add a twelfth system… First up is a Thin  Client that had a surprise expansion slot! …

Tom’s Hardware Reviews Cooler Master G200P SFF CPU Cooler

Tom’s Hardware has taken a detailed look at the Cooler master G200P SFF CPU cooler. Coming in at only 39.4mm in height, and sporting a 92mm RGB fan, the cooler takes aim at the ultra low profile market. While Tom’s Hardware was impressed by the coolers design, they were disappointed with the noise and cooling potential. The cooler has a street price of $45 on Amazon. Check out their full review by following this link.

Retro Relook: Macintosh Edition!

It’s the weekend, so news will be light. Time to take a trip back in time and look at some retro small form factor PCs with a Retro Relook. This week is focused on Apple and some vintage SFF Macintosh machines. Let’s start with the Macintosh LC. If you’re old enough, you may remember this being in your schools. The L stood for low and the C stood for cost. This was my first computer, and I own a nearly perfect one today. I can personally attest that they should have added an S to the name for slow. You …