XIGMATEK enters the SFX PSU game

We had the opportunity to visit the XIGMATEK suite and, like so many other companies at Computex this year, they had new SFX-L units.

This new SFX 120F series includes two models, the SFX 120F-500W and SFX 120F-600W. They both feature 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, fully modular ribbon cables, slim 120mm fan, single 12V rail, and will come with a SFX to ATX bracket.

The modular connectors are slightly recessed for a bit of space savings.

The label seems to be a work in progress, since the total power is only 500W on what is supposed to be a 600W PSU.

The 600W, and presumably the 500W as well, is based off the same Sirfa/High Power platform as used in the SilverStone SX700-LPT. This is great news because the XIGMATEK units will have semi-fanless operation, and while not perfect, I find the implementation in that particular SilverStone PSU to be pretty decent compared to much of the SFX/SFX-L competition.

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The other units they had are the SFX 80-S series of SFX power supplies. There will be a 350W and 450W model, both Bronze-rated and featuring a single 12V rail.

These will have semi-fanless operation, though we’ll have to see if that’s a blessing or a curse. With only a slim 80mm fan for cooling combined with only Bronze level efficiency, these units have the potential to be quite noisy so keeping the fan off at idle and low loads would be nice. On the other hand most of these budget SFX power supplies have simple thermistor-based fan controllers that don’t usually behave to my liking.

I’m not sure if the plan is to paint the housing black for production, because otherwise why bother to use black wires or sleeving if the casing is just bare steel?

Update: In the retail brochure, this particular model shows as being painted black.

The OEM is Sirfa here too, with these using the same platform as the SilverStone ST30SF V2.0 and ST45SF V3.0.

According to the rep we spoke with, these units are ready to go but release date and price hasn’t been set yet.

Edit: Article updated with pics and information from a visit to the XIGMATEK suite.

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