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CORSAIR’s SF850L SFX-L Power Supply – An Overview

Many thanks to CORSAIR for supplying SFF Network with this review sample. Before we get started – SFF Network does not currently possess the hardware, testing equipment and skillset to fully analyse and opine on power supplies. We encourage readers to read other reviews and coverage on reviewed products (and this applies to all the content we produce) to ensure that valid and justified purchasing decisions are made.  CORSAIR’s venerable SFX power supply range, regularly touted by the SFF community as the go-to power supply for any powerful builds, has a new family member – the SF850L. Today we’ll have a …

STREACOM Previews Modular PSU Concept – the ZS800

A concept that has been played with a few times in our forum, including by J-Hack,  STREACOM has previews a modular power supply concept – splitting the AC-DC and DC-DC conversion into separate components for easier cable management. The concept is both usable as a normal power supply solution, as well as supporting the (hopefully) incoming ATX12VO specification. Simply put, the AC-DC conversion is done in the SFX portion of the power supply, and the DC-DC portion is taken care of the direct plug ATX 24 pin module – meaning that instead of 24 wires (and sleeving, usually) snaking through …

Guru 3D Reviews 150mm Long FSP Hydro G Pro 1000W ATX 3.0

  Guru 3D has taken a look at the FSP Hydro G Pro 1000W PSU with pleasant results. With a length of only 150mm, the ATX 3.0 / PCIe 5.0 unit is likely going to be of interest for the SFF community who want to use ATX PSUs. The PSU tested well with Guru 3D, and earned their approved award. Guru 3D complimented the cables, build quality, and relative quietness of the unit. This doesn’t surprise me as the FSP Dagger unit I tested last year was a very solid PSU, and saw it used again in the System 76 …

Anandtech Reviews Cooler Master V SFX Platinum 1100 SFX PSU

  Anandtech has reviewed the 1100 watt SFX sized Cooler Master V SFX Platinum 1100 PSU, and have found it wanting. While the power density is impressive, the filtering of the lines leaves “much to be desired”. It struggled in high ambient temperature environments, and the fan could get loud  as well. This is of course unfortunate considering SFF users who want a RTX 4090 and Intel 13900K class build will likely have been considering this unit. The full review of course goes into far more depth and nuance. Check out Anandtech’s review by CLICKING HERE.
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V-Amp Studio PSU Extensions and Cable Kits

Whilst arguably adding bulk to the cabling in your PC, sleeved cables and extensions are a very aesthetically pleasing addition to any PC build. Paired with a case window, sleeved cables accentuate the attention to detail in your custom built (SFF) PC. V-Amp Studio, a vendor active on our forum and Discord server, is creating custom PSU cables and extensions to order – and invited us to check out his wares. Firstly, these cables were supplied to SFFn for review at no cost, with no request to return the cables after testing. However, at the time I received the cables, …
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SilverStone’s SX700-PT – Mini Platinum Goodness

Platinum. That step above 80+ Gold that makes us question ROI (return on investment), saving the planet, and why we just can’t have +12V out of the wall. There’s a significant price premium for each 80+ ranking, however. But, in the world of SFF, efficiency is key – be it space or power. Wasted space is a sin in our little world, and wasted power leads to heat – the mortal enemy of SFF. SilverStone showed us their SX700-PT at Computex this year – almost ready for production. Not only is this a true SFX power supply (not SFX-L), it …
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Fractal Design’s Ion SFX 650W Gold – A SFX-L Value Proposition

Fractal Design, no stranger to the SFX(-L) market (including a 450w Integra SFX unit with their Node 202 chassis), has decided to dive a little deeper into our world. Today, Fractal Design launches the new Ion SFX-L range with a pair of units hitting shelves at 500W and 650W spec levels. We have the 650W unit on the test bench today – let’s put it to the test! A disclaimer first before we get started: SFF Network does not possess the expertise or equipment to fully test the electrical performance of PC power supplies, and as such, this article should …

CES 2019: Corsair

Corsair, proprietors of peripherals, memory, cooling and even complete systems put on a display for interested press, and interested we were. Let’s dive in and see what they had on display. A better look at the low profile Cherry MX keyswitches that Corsair uses in some of their products. This is the same form factor as CoolerMaster will be using in their new keyboard. This particular keyboard is 21mm thick and its thinnest; And just under 27mm thick at the thickest point. The Corsair One has had a major upgrade, featuring current generation CPUs and GPUs. Yep, that’s ASRock’s Little …