SilverStone Power Supplies at Computex 2017

We stopped by the SilverStone booth yesterday, and I already covered the prototype fanless 450W SFX-L because it’s just so crazy (in an awesome way). But of course SilverStone had other power supplies to look at, so here they are:

SilverStone FX350 Computex 2017

First off is a FlexATX form factor PSU, the FX350. As the name implies, it is a 350W unit with Gold-rated efficiency and the 12V rail capable of the full rated wattage alone.

SilverStone FX350 Computex 2017

Fortunately for SFF builders this is of the shorter 150mm length FlexATX variety.

SilverStone FX350 Computex 2017

SilverStone FX350 Computex 2017

The cables are sleeved, though it’s nothing special. I’m not sure if they’ll do it since it’s extra expense and QC difficulty for something enterprise customers don’t need, but I did suggest maybe replacing this wire harness with unsleeved, all-black, flexible cables like used on the modular SFX/SFX-L units.

SilverStone FX350 Computex 2017

Fan is a 40mm x 15mm double ball bearing design. The current revision has the the typical server PSU behavior where the fan ramps up to full speed upon power on to ensure it’s operating correctly, but since this is painted black and presumably partly aimed at the consumer SFF space and now just enterprise, I suggested that behavior be changed for production so that may happen but no guarantees.

Also, unusually for FlexATX this has a power switch, using the cute SFF switch we first saw on the SX500-G and SX650-G at CES earlier this year. So I presume that FSP is the OEM for this unit.

Current plan is for production to start later this year in September.

SilverStone SX500-G SX650-G Computex 2017

And speaking of the SX500-G and SX650-G, they have been slightly delayed again but things are looking good for release within the next few months. These units were first shown off at CES 2016, and the estimated release date has been pushed back several times since.

I asked the SilverStone marketing manager Tony Ou about why it’s taken so long, and he said that they’ve had to do many rounds of tweaking, but each time they do so, they have to redo the safety and EMI certification. So the back and forth process is time consuming, hence why these units are taking so long.

And for those not familiar with these two power supplies, they are upcoming SFX units from SilverStone of 500W and 650W capacity respectively, Gold-rated, fully-modular, and they feature always-on slim 92mm fans.

A very unexpected product (you could say it’s a screaming hot new development) we ran into at the SilverStone booth is this 2U redundant server PSU, the Gemini GM900-2UG:

SilverStone GM900-2UG Computex 2017

It can be used either in 900W redundant mode or units both can be loaded simultaneously for a fairly compact 1800W PSU.

SilverStone GM900-2UG Computex 2017

The individual 900W unit is pretty trim, though trying to use it by itself will be hampered by the card connector plus it mainly only does 12V and there is additional circuitry in the housing for the other rails.

The individual unit is about 40mm x 80mm x 180mm (HxWxD) measuring just the housing itself. So pretty much a 180mm long FlexATX form factor.

The full housing is about 82mm x 85mm x 217mm.

It will hopefully release by the end of the year, no word on price.

SilverStone also had a 120W 19V brick with interchangeable tips, pretty straightforward.

This is interesting though, a 60W Type-C adapter with multiple voltage output options. Great for powering different types of Type-C.

We didn’t catch price or release date for these two unfortunately.

Thoughts? Discuss them in the forum here.

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Our coverage of Computex 2017 was made possible through the generous support of our community, including our awesome partnership with Silverstone! They’ve recently released the 14L Raven RVZ03, which packs enthusiast-grade component compatibility and controllable RGBs into a svelte design. Learn more about the RVZ03 here.