Shenzen Lockdown Could Delay our SFF Gratification



Seems Shenzhen, the home of all things cheap and techy, has unfortunately had an encounter with our little spiky nemesis, and has been placed under lockdown for the coming week, if not longer., a case bender from the forum, tipped me off to this troubling news – especially in regards to their source of manufacturing. Unfortunately, the Densium 4 and 4+ cases from them will be delayed by at least a week in this turn of events, and I’m sure many other products and projects will also be.

Hopefully the lockdown is short and sharp and the residents of Shenzhen can get back to their regularly scheduled tech creation and supply!

Whilst we wait, why not check out the Densium 4 and 4+ thread in our forum? This wood front panelled, steel cored little beauty is a great project to follow, amongst the many glorious designs on our forum.