Raijintek Launches the Metis Evo

Raijintek, famous for their Metis SFF case, has created a new generation of this SFF stalwart – the Metis Evo..

From Raijintek;

“Design Art in its best by RAIJINTEK – New series of SFF chassis. The METIS EVO case is designed to fulfill a smallest case built with Ultra high air flow to solve all thermal issue of SFF chassis nowadays, can even install 200mm fan at front & 120mm/140mm/200mm AIO and DIY water-cooling. METIS EVO case supports up to Mini-ITX motherboard, able to install an ultra-high air flow 200mm at front (option), also can install 120/140/200mm radiator at front too (Optional), a 120 + 92mm fan optional at bottom, 2*9225 at rear (Option). METIS EVO Superior features includes elegant Sand Blasting on Aluminum, 3.5”*2 HDD + 2.5”*2 HDD/SSD, VGA card length of 280mm (without radiator280mm ; up to 220mm with 30mm thickness radiator installed) can fit most powerful GTX 1080Ti Mini or up to RTX 2080Ti twin fan video card, tool-free for easy installation, ATX /SFX PSU compatibility (SFX switch bracket included) . Looking for a best of best SFF case with no thermal issue, METIS EVO is the one.”

At 22.4L, the Metis Evo isn’t the smallest M-ITX chassis we’ve seen (even violating SFF Network’s 20L standard!), it does offer great cooling options, one of the oft recited “limitations” from the large form factor community regarding our niche. Supporting air and watercooling, the Metis Evo should keep your system build cool, even if you’re running AMD Bulldozer. Just kidding, not even LN2 could keep that cool!

Offering support for dual slot graphics cards up to 280mm long (although this limit is cut down if using a front mounted radiator), and CPU air coolers up to 135mm tall. On the cooling front, the front fan mount supports 30mm thick radiators, in either a 200mm,  140mm, or 120 mm configuration. The chassis also supports twin 92mm rear fans and a 92 or 120mm fan on the bottom of the case, ensuring adequate ventilation.

Power supply-wise, the Metis Evo supports an ATX or SFX(and -L) power supply. Two 2.5″ hard drives, and a dual 2.5″ SSD mount (or single 2.5″ mechanical drive) round out discrete storage options for the case.

Made from aluminium and coated in your choice of black, silver, white, red, blue or pink, the Metis Evo continues the customised colour scheme choices available in other Raijintek cases. Front IO is a pair of USB ports, namely one each of USB3 type-a and type-c. There are no front audio ports.

Finally, the important stuff – the dimensions. The case measures in at 293(W) x 290(D) x 263mm(H). The old WxDxH calc shows us the case takes up a total of 22.35 litres.


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