Pre-Orders For Lazer3D’s LZX-15 (M-ATX) Case End Today

  Those wanting to pre-order the Lazer3D LZX-15 (M-ATX) are down to their final hours to make their purchase. The pre-order drive ends tonight for what is arguably one of the nicest looking cases to come to the SFF market. The LZX-15  supports ITX or m-ATX motherboards, dual 240mm AIOs (ITX only), and 320mm long 4-Slot GPUs. The LZX-15 starts at £149.96, and is approximately £215 as built in the pictures above. You can check out the pre-order page by CLICKING HERE.  

L91 Builds Lazer3D LZX-8

  With the announcement of several smaller RTX 4060 and 4060Ti GPUs, it’s a good time to look at some builds using similar sized cards. I also need to filter through the backlog of YouTube videos I should have posted links for. In this case (Ha!), we have L91, seen above prepping for his career as a F1 Crew Chief, performing a nicely balanced build-up of a Lazer3D LZX-8. Lazer3D is one of the earliest custom builders for the SFF market and is unfortunately often overlooked. However, their cases are quiet good, and have a lot of power packed into …

Jarrod’s Tech Tests RTX 4070 Desktop Against RTX 4070 Laptop With Brutal Results

  Jarrod’s Tech has benchmarked the RTX 4070 laptop GPU against the full desktop version, and the results are not pretty. For those that don’t know, Nvidia uses the same name for their laptop GPUs as their desktop models. However, while the names are the same, the specs are very, very different. The laptop GPUs have reduced CUDA cores, reduced clocks, and reduced power usage. The result is that the laptop GPU offers nowhere near the performance of the desktop model of the same name. As the laptop GPUs are often used in SFF prebuilt computers, it’s important know the …

Palit Announces Single-Fan 170mm Long RTX 4060Ti

Palit has announced the GeForce RTX 4060Ti StormX 8GB; a 170mm long single-fan GPU designed for ITX builds. The specs have teh same boost clock of 2535MHz as the stock RTX 4060Ti, and the card is a 2-Slot design. The exact dimensions are: 169.9 x 124.1 x 38.8 mm. There will also be an OC edition that raises the boost clock to 2670MHz. An interesting design note I’m seeing are the heatpipes at the bottom, and the longitudinally laid out cooler fins for the primary heatsink. This means that the single fan may be able to push some of the …

Intel Announces CPU-GPU Balanced Builds Bundles

  Intel is pushing their new Arc GPUs by releasing bundles based on balanced GPU to CPU ratios. Citing hundreds of benchmarks as a baseline, Intel will start these bundles at $423. The idea is not particularly new as any PC manufacture or integrator basically does this already, still it’s interesting to see an OEM like Intel not pushing their fastest and most profitable products regardless of performance differential.    

Gamers Nexus Creates Ad-Free Website Dedicated to Catastrophic Hardware Failures

  Gamers Nexus has spent 15 years evolving from a generic gaming website to a respected journalistic  YouTube channel focused on deep dives into computer hardware and the surrounding industry. Steve and his team have become one of the most trusted sources for accurate and often controversial reporting of major industry events. Today, Gamers Nexus is launching a new website to provide details about major PC Hardware Failures. In a move that will surely make more than one marketing department feel a cold shiver of fear, GN has launched This new website will be an ad-free detailed list of …