L1Techs Overviews the Sapphire FS-FP5V, a New Mini-STX Board

As analysed by forum moderator j0rd: Lackluster I/O, 1 USB3, 3 USB 2 Serial header GPIO Traditional front panel header 1 SATA w/ a power breakout 2 M.2 slots, e-key and 1 PCIe / sata Dual realtek 1G NIC’s realtek audio chip 2 SO-DIMM slots Vega 11 GPU 4 core 8 thread CPU 3.8GHz single core turbo Other Ryzen CPU’s will be available ECC RAM supported DDR4 3200 support Quad DisplayPort Comments? Here!

Day 1 of CES 2018 – A Roundup

We haven’t yet set foot on the show floor, but already the SFF related news is flying thick and fast! Below is a roundup of interesting coverage from Day 1 at CES 2018. Our team arrives at the show tomorrow (Las Vegas time), calipers in hand, so look forward to more in depth coverage! Digital Storm’s Project Spark (SFFn), a Micro-STX based prebuilt is launched, showing us that the form factor is on the minds of system integrators and PC enthusiasts. NZXT Launches the N7 Z370 Motherboard (PCPer) – Not SFF, but definitely interesting to see another company in the motherboard marketplace. …

Weekly Community Update – 24 October 2015

This week in the Small Form Factor Network community forum; Z170 The discussion continues on Z170 motherboards, instigated by the Intel Z170 Motherboards Launch article. Most of the comments have been discussing features (mostly missing features!) Join the discussion here. Kimera Industries Project Nova: 17 liters of 5-slot mATX goodness One of the most looked forward to (is that even grammatically correct?) chassis in the SFF world is the Kimera Industries Project Nova. While the teaser pics are maddening, it’s great to see the community take part in the beta stages of a new product. Check the progress here. Project REAL CUBE …