be quiet! 500W and 600W SFX-L PSUs

I’m constantly on the lookout for new SFF power supplies (in hopes that in the not too distant future I can gleefully gloat at ATX’s demise) and be quiet! has two SFX-L units in their booth here at Computex 2017.

be quiet! SFX-L-600W Computex 2017

There will be two models, the 500W SFX-L-500W and the 600W SFX-L-600W (gotta love self-explanatory model numbers). They are both Gold-rated, feature a single 12V rail, fully modular, have a 3-year warranty, and they’ll include a SFX to ATX bracket.

be quiet! SFX-L-600W Computex 2017

This unit is not semi-fanless, and the be quiet! gentleman I was talking to said the reason is that it’s already quiet enough at low loads it wasn’t necessary, though I think he underestimates how picky SFF enthusiasts are about noise.

be quiet! SFX-L-600W Computex 2017

Both units will have 4x PCIe connectors (though I didn’t get a clear answer on if they’ll all be 6+2-pin or a mix of 6+2 and 6-pin) split across two cables of different lengths. The 24-pin connector is split unfortunately for cable sleevers.

I believe this is an FSP platform but I’m not 100% sure on that.

Edit: OEM is Super Flower.

Edit: Third time’s the charm! This is definitely the Sirfa platform first seen in the SilverStone SX700-LPT. Interestingly the XIGMATEK SFX 120F series will be available in the same wattage and efficiency ratings as the be quiet! units here.

My guess is that since the platform is capable of 700W at Platinum-rated efficiency, be quiet! was able to utilize a much more conservative fan profile by sacrificing a little wattage and efficiency.

They should release around August and MSRP is $109 for the 500W and $129 for the 600W.

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