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Log Wife's Jonsplus i100


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Nov 13, 2022
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  • Jonsplus i100 case
  • 9700K (per core OC: 4.9 - 5.1Ghz, 1.28v)
  • Strix Z390-I
  • GSkill 3600 CL16
  • 3080 Ti FE
  • Corsair SF750
  • Moddiy PCIE cable
  • Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler
  • 3x Phanteks T30 fans with Halos up top
  • 3x Noctua NF-A12s in the bottom

About the Build

We picked up a 3080ti after the last price drop. I wanted to get rid of my wife's old Lian Li TU-150 at the same time. The TU-150 was looking dated and only had 1 exhaust fan so thermal performance wasn't great.

Jonsplus i100 Case

The Jonsplus i100 really caught my attention for the looks, size, ability to fit 360mm of fans and full size tower coolers. The aluminum is thick and has a premium feel. Even the plastic top cover feels sturdy. And, it comes with a ton of extra screws.

Speaking of those screws, this case needs so many! And, there are no captive screws, or thumbscrews, or push pins. These screws are also tiny (easy to lose) and the threads get chewed up easily. I would really like to see a future revision reduce the amount of hardware needed to put the case together.

CPU Cooler Adventure
Optimum Tech has a video where he mounts the NH-D15 vertically in the i100 case.

Unfortunately, I tried 4 different coolers and none of them worked vertically. the problem is our Z390-I motherboard. Heatpipes always hit the IO cover. Notice, Asus has made the IO covers smaller since then.

Wife's Z390-I

New X670E-I (much narrower IO cover)

So, I had to mount the cooler conventionally.

That leads to the next problem: The NH-D15 is not open to airflow on the sides, so the top and bottom fans can't help cool it.

I noticed the Dark Rock Pro 4 is totally open on all sides. That lets air from moving through the case cool the CPU, so that's why we went with it.

I just want to say, the Dark Rock Pro 4 is not hard to install. Remove the top cover plate and it’s as easy as the NH-D15. One nice surprise: the fans in the Dark Rock have a more pleasant tone. The NH-D15 makes a terrible hum above 1000 rpm.

I dialed in a per-core overclock of 4.9Ghz (all-core), 5.0Ghz (5-core), and 5.1Ghz (2-core). This was done at just 1.275v with an AVX offset of 0 and LLC level 6. Why no AVX offset? Because my wife primarily plays Warzone and I saw the CPU always running the AVX offset speed.

Because it only runs at 1.275v, it hits 88C using OCCT Linpack. In gaming we hit a max of 72C on the hottest core.

Plain front and back shots