Power Supply Where to buy Flex PSUs (beside Geeek that's out of stock)

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Dec 2, 2018
Just got the Delta 500w modular FlexATX unit with Noctua fan swap from Geeek. The modular wires looks great. The PSU comes in bare metal. I wrapped it in 3M vinyl already :) I forgot to take pictures before wrapping the PSU. So here they are, wrapped... I didn’t bother wrapping the end faces.

Looks good, would you mind if I ask some questions?
  1. How is the quality control of the PSU's? Considering the fact that the unit has been opened up.)
  2. How much length has been added to the unit? Can it fit in most cases?
  3. Has the Noctua fan had an effect on the temperature of the unit? I've read the fan moves less fair.


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May 5, 2019

It looks like the Noctua fan isn't deep enough. Was there really an air gap before the wrapping?


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Jul 30, 2018
I think my GEEEK flex PSU has problems. My NVME drive won't show up as connected which upon looking it up it's usually caused do to the PSU, so I disconnected the AC power and reconnected, and it showed up. Powering it off and on multiple times did not work.

As of now I highly recommend NOT to buy these until they fix their PSUs.

Upon inspection thekr is a fluctuation of +-0.2V on the 12V side.

Edit:. Just looked at the website and they added the Enhance 600W Platinum, I can tell you right now it's not worth the extra $70 to make it modular. It's in fact extremely easy to open it up and mod it.

I think I might just move the modular Piece to my Enhance 600w Platinum

Edit: After 6 days of unreliable it has died on me while gaming. I will be putting in my FSP 500W GOLD back into my case. And luckily my PC is working normally
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