Power Supply Review / Teardown | 700W Modular FLEX Power Supply from TaoBao 7760B (MF-700F)


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Dec 19, 2023
Your system will only pull under 400W max. Your GPU being 230W max I would recommend ours or another ENP-7660B that has 2 separate PCI-E cable runs, one for each GPU connector rather than daisy chained. Better load balance with 6 12V circuits and with less risk than running 2.

Our replenishment stock landing tomorrow, but by the time it's unloaded, devanned, and delivered to us we will be into the start of next year for shipping.

Stock fan is Yate Loon and quiet, you won't need a Noctua and I would recommend against it.

We have looked at specs for some of these psu's and it's life matches the warm temp mtbf figures 10-15k hrs iirc. ENP-7660B by comparison is greater than 100,000hrs with the fan at 70,000hrs. All down to quality of components as well as design.

It's not always applicable but certainly you experience does advertise the buy cheap buy twice notion to some degree.
Your spot on with that, I imagine with the run hours on my psu, my 500w is only able to kick out half that before shutting down my system. I will look to replace mine with a overtek and see if that solve my power issues.


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Jul 7, 2021
FYI the "FSP Group" one you've linked is actually a Metalfish 500ish watt rated unit (and I'd take the rating with a generous helping of salt)
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