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  1. ArcaneITX

    Log Velka 7 /w 3080Ti + Flex-atx psu

    Recently picked up a Velka 7, and just had to pack the most nutty hardware possible into it! Specs CPU: i7-9700 (8-Core) Motherboard: Aorus Z390 Aorus Pro AX RAM: 16GB 2666Mhz CL16 (Pending upgrade) CPU Cooler: Alpenfohn Blackridge V2 GPU: RTX 3080Ti Founders Edition Storage: 2x1TB NVME PSU...
  2. morj

    Stalled Walrus mk01: a 3D-printed brickless 5.0~5.5L fully watercooled case

    Hi, everyone! First off, I want to thank this community for the inspiration and lots of golden threads with food for thought. Lurking since my first proper SFF build in January (images in my profile), but this summer decided to push further with a custom case. Current project status summary...

    Power Supply Huntkey HK400-92FP FLEX PSU Review

    I tested another FLEX PSU which might be interesting for lower end builds: The Huntkey HK400-92FP It is rated with 300W total (240W on the 12V Rail) and costs less than EUR 35,- via Taobao / Superbuy (plus shipping). Please note that it does only work with 220V AC! Build Quality: Huntkey is a...
  4. Overtek

    FSP 400W Flex ATX Special offer 10% off code SFF10

    FSP400-50FDB Now available and includes PCI-E 6+2pin connector. In Europe FSP400-50FDB has replaced FSP400-60FGGBA in order to comply with incoming CE regulation EN-62368 10% off till the end of the month with discount code: SFF10 Full cable loom drawing
  5. D

    Power Supply FSP 400w 80+ Gold Vs. ENP-7140b flex atx

    Doing a Velka 3 build and ended up purchasing the FSP 400w 80+ gold PSU they offer with the fan in the back. Went to go test it today and it's doing this thing where it clicks once and then turns off. Going to most likely RMA it, do you guys think it's worth getting another one from FSP or...
  6. E

    Power Supply Athena Flex ATX PSU - Wont Post

    Hi all New build, following specs MB - ASUS Maximus Impact VIII CPU - Intel 6700K RAM - 16Gb SSD - Samsung 850 500GB GPU - GeForce 1050 Ti If I connect the Athena PSU to the build I cannot get the system to post. If I connect my spare ATX PSU its fine and if I connect the Athena to my old...
  7. zzmadd

    Power Supply Where to buy Flex PSUs (beside Geeek that's out of stock)

    Hi, maybe some of you know where I could source Flex ATX PSUs to be shipped to Europe (Italy). Geeek has a good and nice Flex PSU offer with modular cable that's quite nice and not too expensive BUT they have such PSUs out of stock since more than a month. I can easily find SilverStone FX350-G...
  8. Aymetal

    Prototype Full compatible GPU in ITX case of 5.1 L -- AUXOS INVEKTOR-ONE --

    Hello everyone ! Presentation : I am Aymeric and the founder of AUXOS, after 2 years of development I am delighted to present to you my project AUXOS INVEKTOR-ONE. The result is not finalise yet and that is why I’m looking forward to hear your thoughts on this, opinions, recommendations and...
  9. K

    Modding Flex ATX PSU

    I am going to be building a PC with a flex atx power supply. I will be shortening the cables and doing custom sleeves regardless of which psu I choose. I also plan to replace the fan if necessary, and am considering an 80mm fan mod. My question is should I go with this FSP 500w 80+ Platinum OR...
  10. K

    Power Supply Flex ATX PSU help!

    I am going to be building a PC with a flex atx power supply. I will be shortening the cables and doing custom sleeves regardless of which psu I choose. My question is should I go with this FSP 500w 80+ Platinum OR the FSP 500w 80+ gold? The platinum model does not have a pcie connector, but I...
  11. nrp

    Prototype 3D Printable Fully Parametric Case

    This is now ready for the first release, with a fully customizable, 3d printable traditional shoebox layout. Other layouts may come later. The layout below (that I have personally printed and am using) is 7.15L with a Noctua NH-L12S, an SFX PSU, a 140mm intake fan, and a Zotac 1080 Mini...
  12. ImmaculateDoge

    Enclosure CustomMod FLEX mini 4.5L - experiences with this case? (rev. 4.2)

    So the CustomMod cases seem pretty popular here, has anyone built specifically in their 4.5-liter mini case? After hours of research comparing various options, especially the ZS-A4m, CustomMod's case seemed the best option, especially since they include a riser and give the option of their...
  13. TheSLSAMG

    Cooling Geeek A30 Owners, I need a cooler recommendation.

    Hello! I'm new here (though I have a fairly long history in the LinusTechTips community), and I was drawn here because I'm interested in building a small form factor PC for my living room and LAN use. I came across the Geeek A30 from an advertisement and I realized it was the case I had to...
  14. sergiiua

    Stalled Custom_MOD NAS FX case

    Hello friends! I have long been asked to make a case for a home storage. Evaluate this prototype. Does he have a future? Please fill this form if you want to make an order. case NAS FX 7.5L prototype PHOTO ALBUM Super compact case for home storage. Specs: - Volume: 7.5L (225mm x 190mm x...
  15. FullForceRainbow

    News Silverstone FX350-G

    I was on Silverstone's website today and noticed that they have a new Flex ATX power supply--the FX350-G. Silverstone says that they launched the FX350-G to "further widen the scope of SFF design possibilities and to serve upgrade needs of embedded systems or 1U rack-mount server applications"...
  16. Maestria

    Cooling 600W Custom Modular Flex ATX

  17. P

    Power Supply Recommended Flex ATX PSU - What should I be buying?

    I am currently designing a new case for my first ever SFF rig, originally I was going to use a G-Unique 500Watt DC-DC PSU but seeing as after taking all components into consideration a Flex ATX PSU wouldn't be much smaller I've decided that I'm better off using a 500Watt fully internal Flex ATX...
  18. ondert

    Concept Different uSFF idea with Flex ATX psu --> Flexpy

    Hello SFF guys, Firstly I want to tell you that I don't know nearly anything about CAD softwares and just drew this on an online CAD website which wasn't useful. For now, I have only an idea to make a case about 3.14 liters (if not possible, at least around 3.5 lt) including low profile dual...
  19. Maestria

    Custom_MOD FLEX mini #001 (8700k Ultra GTX 1080)

    Hi guys, i just got my Custom_MOD FLEX mini and i wanted to share my experience with this cute case and SFF building. (And sorry for my poor English, i am French :D) It's a long time now, i m looking for a realy small case that i can use as main PC and travel with. So, I want something : - As...
  20. ondert

    Is this 250w psu enough for G4560 + 1050 Ti ?

    Hello sff folk, I would like to build an sff system (might be within 2 to 3 months) for my girlfriend and want to make it small as possible while not breaking the wallet. It will not be a beast, will probably build it on Intel Pentium G4560 cpu and a single slot gpu. Until now, I've searched...