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Jan 25, 2018
Cassette fast rewind 😁
I do have a cassette player in good working condition. I am really of the old school type.🤣

Believe it or not, I also saw that video some weeks ago and already draw some ideas in my head how I could turn it into an SFF emergency power generator for a NUC or something 🤣
Yeah, that is some kind of energy conversion involved, from mechanical/rotational to electrical.
0.5hp is about 375W, which could be put to good use.
I look forward to your innovative idea.😁


By Toutatis!
Apr 4, 2016
Nothing in particular, but saw this and decided to share. Perhaps it will inspire some of you to build do whatever 😄



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Feb 12, 2016
So far? Listening to the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack while eating food and looking at the Sony X80J and the LG C1 for use as a monitor (part of investing in myself). Both are on sale right now. Trying to answer the question, "Do I go with the longer lived, less featureful (few dimming zones, no variable refresh rate, no 1440p input), and less expensive TV or the shorter lived, more featureful (OLED, variable refresh rate, 1440p input), and more expensive TV?" For the difference in price (~$849 CAD vs. ~$1450 CAD), I can build a sit/stand desk, get other "necessities", or save the money for later. Already close to choosing a Herman Miller Embody for the chair as the Secret Labs Neue is not available in Canada.
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