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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by craigbru, May 2, 2016.

  1. Arboreal

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    I like the idea of the Asus Strix ITX boards, as both platforms support dual M.2 drives, which is appealing to SFF users, as you can (at a cost)... lose a decent amount of cabling compared to 2 standard drives.
    /2p [2 cents if you insist...]
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  2. Solo

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    Yeah, in the last five years I've only used M.2 drives.
  3. GuilleAcoustic

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    I officially have the job I applied for ! Can't wait to hand in my resignation letter XD.
  4. VegetableStu

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  5. Windfall

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    Congrats, sir.

    (So that's what you were referring to in the discord. Lol)
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  6. Soul_Est

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    I'd recommend any of the ASRock or especially the ASUS boards as @Arboreal mentioned. Loved my STRIX B450 when I used it.

    Wahoo! Congratulations on getting it! I hope that it's everything that you wished for and more.
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