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Off Topic The space inefficiency thread


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Nov 14, 2017
You already have EVGA with all the 3 slot itx cards.
EVGA in a month:

We know that SFF is becoming more popular, so we're expanding out lineup of ITX length GPU's!

And so we'd like to introduce the EVGA 2080Ti Mini Cool 3XTREME GAM3R Edition!
With almost 30lbs of solid copper heatsinks, and two dozen fans, this is the coolest ITX card ever!
And of course, it includes industry leading, performance enhancing RGB!

DImensions: standard GPU height, 170 mm (length) and yes mm (depth)
The volume will be yes Liters.

Yours for only $yes! (RGB control DLC an extra $yes)!


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Aug 16, 2017
Or Razer and its RGB toaster. They could really do a 7 slots RGB toaster
I had to look it up. THANK GOD it's an april fool's joke.

We'll settle for 3 slot gpu and a 4 slot RGB toaster please... now your gpu can toast your slices while rendering! The fan will only spin when you're not toasting anything, win win!


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Jul 7, 2017

Another classic off Craigslist, least he got the cable management on this one.
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