Sub 5L Dan Case Possible?

Discussion in 'DAN Cases' started by AlexTSG, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Within the next year, both AMD (Ryzen 3xxxG) and Intel (Gen 11 graphics) should have CPUs available with much faster integrated graphics than is currently available. Most likely reaching performance levels around the GeForce 1030 - 1050 for desktop CPUs with up to 95W TDP.

    I was wondering how many other people would be interested if @dondan were to design a case smaller than the A4-SFX for systems running either one of these types of CPU/APU or possibly a half height graphics card.

    I was wondering how much smaller a case could be by removing support for a full sized GPU, and using an HDPlex PSU instead of an SFX one. Removing full size GPU support should also bring the power requirements to under 200W.

    I would love to see an even smaller Dan Case in the range with the same great design.
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    I think the option for half height cards, or even full size cards on a riser, would be a popular option. The riser option in particular would allow you to still have a very small case volume but increase the graphic clout when desired.

    The Ryzen APU's are very impressive, the 2400G is a great portable gamer. I can't wait to see what's next.

    - boingk
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    Why not a STX case/mobo at that point? Without a dGPU, the massive PCIe16 slot on a mITX board is just burning space.

    I believe the next gen would maybe reach GT1030 DDR4 levels. Maybe. Even Intel isn't promising much (and with the IGP ID release, it appears a vast majority of SKUs will have much slower IGP options - no surprise, since it seems IGPs have been a bugaboo on their 10nm processes). AMD, unless if they are willing to push HBM onto their SoCs, will still be strongly bandwidth limited.
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    The main reason I’d still like to see the option of a PCIe slot with support for half height cards is that it opens up possibilities for other types of cards.

    10G Ethernet, High Speed PCIe storage (Intel Optane SSD 905p) , or lower end graphics cards are all available in half height cards. Someone looking for a compact/portable system for editing RAW video footage could be well served by a system like this.

    I think someone looking specifically for an SFF gaming PC should still get an A4 or larger case as the graphics card is the most important part of the system.
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    It'd be super niche case, which means slim chance
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