Prebuilt [SFFn] ASRock's DeskMini A300 - Finally!


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Jan 17, 2021
Already done. Problem occurred even with elementary, manjaro, Windows 10. for further detail if I plug a wifi mouse the system freeze or if I boot via the 2 new usb 2.0 port I've bought it will hung. I'm on p3.60h bios. Need to back to 3.60?
Also to anyone else having USB issues (I think @ratundtat ? but forgive me if I have the wrong person).
As per GN Steve, AMD has publically acknowledges USB dropout issues, which sounds like part of the problem you guys are having? It doesn't explain ALL the issues you guys mentioned, but I feel like if they are having issues with one thing, they are probably having issues with others.
Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I have not experiences any such issues, so I can't offer much help or potential solutions. But at the very least it's a known issue and hopefully something will come of it. :)

Gamers Nexus text article
Gamers Nexus video segment

EDIT: As for your BIOS question, I personally don't see a reason to be on an beta BIOS if you don't need to be on one. I am on 3.60R because it offers the features I like and the 4000s only runs on the beta ones, but if you are running a 3000 series and it was stable on 3.60 (base, official release) then there really isn't a reason to swap unless a new one offers more stability/security/features you want.

EDIT 2: After rewatching the segment it seems like this was specifically affecting 500 series boards, so I no longer think this might relate to your issue. Sorry. :c
You might just have to try different BIOSs to see if one works, or potentially contact ASRock if you haven't tried that already.
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Feb 23, 2021
have 1.46B on my Device. Can you backup the 1.46E from your Device ?
Hi, if you want the X300 Bios v1.46E, it is available (as well as other bios for A300 and X300) at this address:



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Sep 12, 2020
hmmm... I have upgraded my X300 now. My Mom is happy too. 35x faster then his old computer. A300+3400G+EvoPlus970+wifiAC FW: 3.60(k) and OS: Manjaro
My system: X300+4650G+EvoPlus970 and Crucial P1+ 2 SSDs + USB-Adapter+Sound-Adapter+wifiAX FW: 1.46 and OS: Arch
Atm, no errors for reporting. (no power problems!)

Firmware 1.46E ? I see the Link, there Source: Asrock. On Ar$rock Website is just 1.40
1.46/E works on A300?
I HATE this FM-f***, because I never see a changelog. I personal checked the FW3.70 first on testing Starcraft, it was more laggy. So i read in UEFI the Agesa version, was older. ... i hate Remembering this.

If you want more energy/power. here a hint:

Delippo 200W 19v 10.5A Laptop Netzteil Ladegerät for A11-200P1A A200A007L Gigabyte AERO 15X Aorus X5 Sager clevo msi GS65 GS73 MS-16JB MS-16K2 MS-16K3 MS-179B MS-17B3 Gaming Notebook MEHRWEG

I have forgotten the important infos, for compatible power supply:
200W 19V 10.5A|Connector Size 5.5*2.5mm DC <- some of this specifiations are important for compatiblity.
Energy problems i had never. I think that is insane or voracious that X300 has got exact same power supply. :-/

If you want 4750G, then you will need an additional power supply! :-/ as like as 180W.
Price, additional ~100 EUR. :-[[[[ ( It is lil bit complex, APU need 65W too, but need a lil bit more as the A300/X300 power supply)

i tested 3168NGW <-- cheap crap, slow (433 Mbps) and most BT devices are not suppored/compatible. just BT 4.2. BT never worked with Mint, Arch...(price: ~6EUR)
AC 9260 Pro and non-pro <-- is ok. 1734 Mbit/s and BT5.1. No Problems.
AX200 <-- is fine. 2,4Gbps and BT5.2. No Problems. (price: ~11EUR]
Hint: I do not use WLAN or BT! hihihi :p
and AX201 is just for intel.

Mein Fazit: #Resteverwertung, wie bei LEGO! XD ;-[
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Sep 12, 2020
ASRock Deskmini A300 + ADT-Link R43SG M.2 to PCIE adapter + SAPPHIRE Radeon PULSE RX 5500 XT 4GB eGPU build - Part 1

Time has finally come! See the main steps of my long-awaited A300 eGPU build below ?

M.2 adapter arrived (dusty little Deskmini waiting for a minor surgery):

Cable has to go through here (what and where to cut? :\):

Not much clearance when assembled but should be enough (fortunately cut-out only needed for the ribbon cable, not the adapter part):

I/O shield cut (lower right edge completely removed):

(Note: Bending metal failed :( Very thin material, broke off at last phase while grinding edges. I guess it simply does not worth the effort, still leaves sharp edges on the sides that can damage the ribbon cable.)

Adapter easily connected to rear M.2 slot (clever & flat solution from ADT-Link, fits perfectly under the motherboard):

OK, not so fast! :p


(Note: Cable has no flex to the sides at all, so it does not align with the new hole on my i/o shield. My bad, always measure twice before cutting ;) More dremeling needed. Also cable has to be protected against that metal VGA port mounting teeth thing. 4 layers of duct tape solves this though)

I/O shield cut-out is ok now (with tiny DIY plastic cosmetic & protecting plate glued to the metal), GPU succesfully connected:

All set! The eGPU is hidden behind my desk with all the power bricks, cables etc. (placed on a matching DIY shelf):

Closer look (with the Dell PSU brick attached):

And that's it! Hardware setup is no big deal if you know what to cut and how much to cut... and now you do :p

(To Be Continued... - Part 2 coming in a separate post with GPU operation/testing - Spoiler: It works!)
I luv that project. 2nd best project after #1 JZE firmware. So i wanted reposting it for remember and possibility of DeskMini! x3

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Jun 8, 2018
Thank you to everyone on here for the info. This thread has been invaluable to my build.
Hoping to get a 5750G if it ever drops. May have to just get a 4750G, but the horror stories
on that cpu not playing nice with this board scares me. Also i wish Asrock supported this
board a little more with official bios etc. Love this little machine!!