SFF.Network [SFF Network] Shuttle Announces SH170V XPS Slim

Shuttle has announced the SH170V compact desktop. The new 3-litre Mini-PC barebone goes by the name of XPC slim XH170V and is based on Intel's H170 chipset. "3-litre PCs have for a long time represented a really serious alternative to conventional PCs," says Tom Seiffert, Head of Marketing & PR at Shuttle Computer Handels GmbH. "Increasingly, they are matching larger PCs in terms of processor, memory and drive support, and in many scenarios the improved integrated graphics function makes dedicated graphics cards obsolete."

Measuring 240(L) x 200(W) x 72(H) mm, the XH170V can be operated in various positions, either lying flat, installed upright with a stand, or fitted behind monitors and to any suitable surface with a VESA-compatible mount. Its black steel chassis can accommodate two 2.5" drives plus one slimline drive, or three 2.5" drives. All connectors and the bay for the optical drive are hidden behind front panel doors.

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FlexATX Authority
Feb 28, 2015
I like the front panel, pretty clever way of combining high functionality with a relatively clean look.

The CPU cooler is interesting as well, but I have to wonder why it's limited to 65W. With two 60mm fans and such a direct airflow, it should be able to cool 80W easily. I guess they wanted to make sure the CPUs stay way within acceptable limits, or the 65W are a limit of the onboard DCDC converters, not the cooler.