MINISFORUM, one of our favourite uSFF system integrators, has launched two Intel Tiger Lake mini PCs, namely the TH60 and TH80. Whilst sharing most specs (as below), the two systems are differentiated by the choice of integrated processor – the TH60 including the Intel i5-11400H 6c/12t processor, and the TH80 upgrading that to an i7-11800H 8c16t CPU.
Both units have Intel’s integrated graphics running at 1.45GHz.
At 18.2cm x 17.7cm x 3.6cm, these little beasties measure in at 1.16 litres.
Both models have a pair of M.2 slots – the Press Release mentions one each of PCIe 3.0 and 4.0 slots, but the marketing images below show a pair of 4.0 slots. We’re not sure which is correct! Three display outputs can be used at once, with 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort and 1x USB-C port.
The systems support up to a maximum of 64GB of DDR4 across two SODIMMs.
Windows 11 will be preinstalled if the PC is bought with a 256 or 512GB SSD. The system runs off a 19v power brick.

RJ45 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet...

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Apr 28, 2017

I'm liking the size, case design, i/o and basically everything about this.

As a modding platform, I'm not so sure about it yet. Depends on how a m.2 riser could be arranged to work with this board without causing a problem.


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May 18, 2020
The that they're still selling 11th gen laptop prebuilts. And Mini at least made the effort to make a chic enclosure for it.

One thing I'm loving out of the Framwork Laptop ecosystem...they sell first party mainboard upgrade parts. So you could buy a 12th gen laptop mainboard with CPU, add your own RAM and storage and wifi and power supply...then print your case, and have a mini-desktop:

And in a year or two, upgrade the CPU and mainboard.