Concept SENTRY 2.0: Evolution of console-sized gaming PC case

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    Oh for sure, I just though I'd respond in kind when someone questions my legitimate use case :p
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    Is it possible to order non-coated?
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    We're not planning to add more options than the two colours because it complicates things for us in delivering campaign orders.

    Also since the case is designed for specific powder coating thickness, making QA checks without the paint would really get time consuming if we don't want to end up with a case that will not fit properly after you would apply the proper powder coating thickness on your own (order it powder coated somewhere locally).

    This is something we may be willing to do in the future if we had mass production tooling (stamping moulds) since at that point we'd have 100% of repeatability.
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    this could be done using a G-Unique 500W Adapter brick.

    its actually smaller than a Dell 330W AC Adapter brick.

    i bought several of them, but only ever used one.
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    i see count down on official site, will we able to place order for it at the end of count down? what is the link to buy it? thank you
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    This has been answered before. As stated in post #390, the indiegogo campaign will begin shortly after the countdown ends.
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    @loader963 earlier render. I didn't mention the access panel due to it being nixed.
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    Good deal. Not a big deal either way, but I personally prefer it gone as I thought it broke up the aesthetic.
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    How much will Sentry 2 cost? Will it be sent directly from Poland? What does the countdown on the site means?
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    Yes, Sentry will be manufactured and shipped directly from Poland (EU).

    The timer on our website shows the time until the start of Indiegogo campaign.
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    Glad you're continuing to manufacture in Poland. Also, the new grey color is awesome.
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    Here is something fascinating:
    The Sentry is ~1.01 Liter smaller than the Asus G703g and it's two powerbricks.
    If you add a 15.6" Slim Display and a LP 60% Mechanical KB to the Sentry, it is still smaller by ~0.1 Liters.
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    I checked the new 2.0 manual and read about the vertical option. Is a Msi Vega 64 Air Boost (Blower Card) to much for vertical useage? Because there is "only" a tdp with 180w written down.

    Except of that I like the Shipping from Poland. No import fees in the EU. :)
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    Manual has just example configurations. There's a full list of current generation cards linked on the page under specs and in FAQ.

    This card will fit without problems, as for using it in vertical orientation, generally there shouldn't be any problem with that in vertical config, but multi-fan card may perform better/be less audible. As for horizontal, we recommend to go with blower for high end cards if you absolutely must go 250W+ route because open air cooling in horizontal config will simply have less fresh air coming from the intake and blower will use side exhaust as intake.
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    Ok that was absolutly my bad. I didn't see the BIG blue letters which say "Sentry GPU Compatibility Spreadsheet". Sorry for that.

    Its absolutley great how much information you are providing on that page. Great work! :cool:

    Looking forward to the campaign. :thumb:
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    How wide is the GPU bay between the middle separator bar and the outside plate ??