1. hrh_ginsterbusch

    Discussion S400 + clones

    Thought I might start a FAQ / KB thread while I'm rebuilding my Streaming System in the Shiny Snake / Miningeek Neo S400. Already created a short wiki page in my personal wiki :) Wiki page: https://wiki.wp-devil.com/rtfm/sffpc/shiny-snake-s400 Known versions: V1 - apparently a 9.9L version -...
  2. hrh_ginsterbusch

    Shiny Snake S400 - Customized for AIO / Liquid Cooling

    This is more of a work log than anything, but I'm preparing a case modification of the Shiny Snake S400 (in white), a 10.8L ITX case mostly meant for air cooling. In theory, one would be able to install a 120 mm AIO / radiator as well, but only with a very short GPU. I'd call it the cheaper...
  3. grsychckn

    Completed S401: Salvo Studios <8L mITX Steel Unibody Chassis w/ GPU & CPU fans in same direction

    This is a revision of the S400. The S401 has been enlarged slightly to support longer and wider GPUs, SFX-L PSUs, and 3.5" HDDs. The current specs are: Case Specifications Material: Galvenneal 0.04" thick, Stands: 0.128" thick Dimensions (External): 357.124mm x 68.2244mm x 324.358mm (14.06" x...