Production Nouvolo Steck - SFF 8.7-11.2L ITX PC Case, supports liquid cooling

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    About Nouvolo Steck
    We believe that everyone of us, including creative professionals, gamers, streamers, youtubers, programmers and regular computer users should enjoy the best performance without compromising aesthetics, size and flexibility. Initially we set out to make a product that we would savor. We are very satisfied with our creation and we have decided to share it with the rest of you.

    Nouvolo Steck is probably one of the most compact, full performance, and highly compatible small form factor computer case. With its minimalist design it is also a stunning piece of display.

    Nouvolo Steck gives you infinite choices and upgradeability. It is compatible with numerous third party computer components, including CPU, motherboard, cooling, power supply, graphics cards and storage. For those who wants to push the boundary of performance there is an optional stack unit for additional liquid cooling, allowing overclocking and even more silent operation.

    - Compact small form factor. 8.7L base unit / 11.2L with option stack unit
    - Minimalist design, stunning aesthetics
    - Compatible with numerous third party components
    - Full length graphics cards support (300mm double slot)
    - Option for overclocking with AIO liquid cooling
    - Comes in 3 colors: Matte Black, Frost White, Pinky Pie

    Design - Symmetry, minimalist, streamline
    Motherboard - mini ITX
    Power Supply - SFX PSU
    Graphics Card - PCIe x16 3.0, double slot max. 300mm length, 140mm height
    Storage - 2.5" HDD up to 1 (+2 with short GFX card length less than 195mm)
    Passive Cooling - passive cooler/heatsink, max. height 70mm
    Liquid Cooling - AIO 240mm (or 120mm + 2.5" HDD x 3) in top or bottom configuration, max. thickness 55mm
    Dust Filter - bottom, magnetic
    Tempered Glass Panels - Both sides but recommended ONLY with liquid cooling
    Material - 1.5mm Aluminum externals, and steel for structural
    Dimension - 315 x 142 x ( 195 body + 20 feet ) [L x W x H in mm]
    Weight - 2.4kg (base unit), 0.6kg (stack unit), 3.0kg (total)

    (Update History)
    2 Nov 2018 - Nouvolo Steck community tester pack all shipped out!
    Nov-Dec Tester reviews
    In progress - Packaging sampling
    In progress - Building Website
    In progress - Bulk production
    Dec - ROLLOUT

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    For those who raised concerns about this is somewhat copying louqe's. Here is the internal structure of the case. I will use either a "T" or "H" structure. The front/back/side/bottom panels should provide structural strength as well, preventing twisting.

    I think this is quite different from S1's Al extrusion method. Please let me know if you have other issues with this one.


    [Update 2 Apr 2018]
    "H" style stack bracket : since this is planned to be symmetrical, the same can be used for top or bottom (just turn it upside down). The bracket will be compatible with the main frame, same screw position as the bottom panel. The bracket now is planned for AIO cooler (120x240).

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    Sorry if I'm going to rain on your parade but between Daniel's two cases (A4 and C4), the Loque S1 and Thorzone's Mjolnir, I don't see much gap to fill in this form factor.
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    I like the location of your power button. Almost perfect placement, in fact.
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    Thanks for your comments, yea with the break through of the back to back mb-gfx config by Dan, I am not looking to find another orientation that works, but only to refine earlier works by others. I hope to build something that includes the best elements from what are floating out there already and to include a few of my own that I feel maybe missing from current ones. I anticipate most of my work will be in the structural design of the case, rather than hardware placement and cosmetic.

    My aim is to create something simpler to build and cheaper, down to about USD150 -180 (from ~USD250 of Dan and Louqe). I feel that not all enthusiast can enjoy this at current price.
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    To me it looks like you just took the Louqe design and made a few small changes. In the end, I don't know what you've really ended up accomplishing by doing that though.

    Are you improving access to components any other way than attaching the panels magnetically? If your only change from the Ghost S1 is "magnetic panels," I don't think that is enough of a change overcome the complete copy of the aesthetics of the Louqe case. There's been some discussion on this forum recently (I forget which thread, sorry, maybe someone can point to it), which I suggest you read. In my opinion I don't think you've changed nearly enough to have crossed the line from plagiarism to innovation, especially if you plan to sell this case.

    Again, I'm not sure what you've actually changed to improve these qualities from the Ghost S1, which already succesfully accomplishes those three things. If you are actually planning on selling this case, you need to be much more specific with your goals.
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    I am working on the internals of the case, and will post it up for everyone to comment. Guess the public can decide whether my work will be 'fit' when time comes. Thanks for your comment and heads up of any potential issues, I think it is always the best to have transparent discussion.

    Please take a look at my case internal structure @ my second post

    Stackability is achieved by H (ladder) or T config, one on top another. Let me know what you think. ;)
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    Hey folks, remember that SFF Forum is a place of encouragement, and not just outright shooting down ideas for being derived from other designs. Yeah, the design may have similarities to existing products, but that's up to the end market to decide with their wallets, not for folks to attack people with in the planning stage. Encouragement is much more useful to designers than discouragement. Remember, everyone behind each avatar is another person, and they want to be treated like you do - with support and help.

    Suggest changes, offer advice, don't just outright shoot down ideas. The SFF world would be nowhere without a supportive community.
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    Several things I like about this case. Price point is one, would be nice to get the expand-ability of the Loque S1 at a lower price. I have a Ncase and one of the things I like about it are the easily removable panels, I think that is a good design choice.

    I am curious about internal dimensions, what GPU length and cooler height will be supported?
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    love it
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    Thanks for giving me a chance :), guess it is like Apple claiming the copyright on curved edges for their iPhone, vs Samsung.

    For a minimalist design, there are only so few shapes one can go for. For curved edges there is either curved top/bottom edges (dan), or left/right edges (s1), otherwise it will just be a plain box shape.
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    I like the introduction of dust filters in the bottom but i feel that is a missing oportunity to add fans in there
    I mean, you are already raising the feet, right?
    a couple slim fans in the bottom can push you out that gray area and give you a bit of diferentiation between the cases.
    but I do wish you came up with something a bit more personal for you exterior. I like the magnetic aproach, although with a bit of concern,
    I think that the feet material and color can give personality as well. I guess thats my main critique. I feel that apart from the feet, the case lacks a strong personality.

    also, when you mention pricing as a main point, I think that at least for small batches in laser cutting the numbers of holes can make a diference in pricing, as it correlates with laser cutting time, so maybe give that ideia a thought ;)
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    Hey, sorry if I was rude in my post. It's always good to have more case designs, and there are only so many ways to stack these components together.

    That definitely looks like a simpler way of doing the internal structure. I might worry about the rigidity of the attachement points to the top and bottom though. It might be worth adding triangle bracing.

    Maybe the power button is in a good spot, but to me it's the part of the case that would be easiest to change and differentiate yourself with.
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    I have found some thin magnets (2mm, 8mm diameter) in the internet, but wonder how that can fit in with the case to secure the side panels. Any suggestions? I am requesting some samples from the magnet supplier, may have a better idea once I get to see the actual thing.

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    thinest fan is about 15mm, with air way clearance of at least another 10mm, the feet will need to be 25mm tall... overall case height will go from original 195mm to 220mm. Lets see if I can squeeze the height any further.
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    I like the case very much!:thumb:

    What are you going to make it out of? Whats the material?
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    The outer shell will be in Al. Depending on the magnetic properties and structural strength required, the inside frame may be made of steel. Also thinner plates can be used with steel for the same strength. Ultimately, I want to make it as light as possible as well.
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    owliwar, as you mentioned about the cost of laser cut, I wonder if it is possible just to cut an rectangular opening and attach a generic mesh piece over it (say in plastic or other material). It may not look as elegant, but it may drive costs down quite a bit?
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    Are you looking for something like this? It is possible, and certainly less expensive than all of the cutting. Do you think that going with an option like that will alter peoples' perception of your case too much though? It definitely feels lower quality to me then an all laser cut panel.
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